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  1. Oct 2015
    1. everyday rockers who want to be cozy,

      He makes these quilts for a specific group of people and he does not conform to what people outside the group care about

    2. Venom also grew up as a member of the Atlanta punk rock scene

      The way he grew up influenced what he does for a living because most of his teen life he spent listening to punk rock in peoples garages backyards and homes in general. The way that local bands created their own merchandise and made their own displays made him understand how he could portray his own ideas on quilts.

    3. often made of recycled materials donated

      This was influenced by the women who would make quilts out of mens old clothes. It is good to reuse materials and it helps him create more quilts at less expense to him.

  2. Sep 2015
    1. It used a magnetic charge powered by an AA battery to launch a small object several feet.

      Who determines if something is dangerous or not? It does not seem like it is a dangerous object and could not harm anyone.

    2. Supporters vowed to rally every Thursday and Friday until his return.

      If everyone in the community was supporting him, who was against him? Also, why did they allow problems to be created from this if it is easy to solve?

    3. Los Angeles high school science teacher is returning to the classroom two months after being suspended over concerns that two students had assembled "dangerous" science projects under his supervision.

      Why would the teacher be punished for the wrong doing of their students?