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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Government

      With a government only a few decades old, I would be incredibly interested to know what they expected to teach students in this course. I wonder if they taught about the British government instead of the new American government. If they taught about the American government, I think it would be extremely difficult to have consistent teaching happening, since very little was solidified in our government during this time.

    2. 400 acres on the north fork of James River known by the name of Hart’s bottom purchased of the late General Bowyer 171 acres adjoining the same purchased of James Griggsby 203 acres joining the last mentioned tract, purchased of William Paxton 112 acres lying on the North river above the lands of Arthur Glasgow conveyed to him by William Paxton’s heirs. 500 acres joining the lands of Arthur Glasgow, Benjamin Cambden, and David Edmondson. 545 acres lying in Pryor’s gap conveyed to him by the heirs of William Paxton deceased. 260 acres lying in Childers gap purchased of William Mitchell 300 acres lying also in Childer’s gap purchased of Nicholas Jones 500 Acres lying on Buffalo, joining the lands of James Johnston

      I'm amazed that everyone was just as prepared to create our school in Lexington as they were in Charlottesville. They had such detailed plans, and individuals were fully prepared to give up their land in case Lexington was chosen to become our Grounds. I wonder how far ahead they planned in Lexington before settling on Charlottesville; did they have building plans and exact locations of dormitories prepared?

  2. Oct 2017
    1. Government

      With a government that was still relatively young, I wonder what was taught in government classes in the early 1800s.

    2. $5,000

      I find it funny that they only had estimated numbers, rather than exact amounts they were positive of. In today's world everyone wants to know exactly how much something will cost before they agree to anything, especially building new structures or attending college.