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  1. Feb 2016
    1. English colonists brought to the New World particular visions of racial, cultural, and religious supremacy.

      The impact of the supremacy definitely sparked a life long segregation in all things that can be applied with class tiers.

    2. Despite the arrival of these new Europeans, Spain continued to dominate the New World.

      Showing the difference between being somewhat established vs being an invader.

    3. Dutch were determined not to repeat Spanish atrocities

      Learn from history.

    4. With these religious justifications, and with obvious economic motives, Spain’s rivals arrived in the New World.

      --Noted for the motives behind rivalry from the nations listed below

    5. New diseases wiped out entire civilizations in the Americas,

      if i can recall correctly, i believe the new diseases refers to mainly small pox and common colds.

    1. from Historia de Congoby Visconde de Paiva-Manso, translated

      I am unable to find the study question...

    2. other-wise we should not consent to this.

      words of resistance

    3. letting them take lower-class citizens and prisoners of war.

      This is new to me.

    1. From Mexico, Spain expanded northward. Lured by the promises of gold and another Tenochtitlán, Spanish expeditions scoured North America for another wealthy Indian empire.

      It's always interesting to see that the pattern in history was always to chase riches and are fueled by promises of resource, whether it be consumable resources or precious metals.