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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Even if students do not pursue computing in their careers, they will need to be familiar with the vocabulary and processes to effectively communicate with colleagues on technical issues and to be knowledgeable themselves about how computing works and affects their lives.

      Having the basic understanding of computers and their functions will be crucial for the future. Not everyone needs to be a certified IT person, but without rudimentary understanding it will be difficult to function in a technology driven future. Without this basic knowledge, one might find themselves instantly discounted from being employed.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. Understanding digital copyright is an essential skill we need to understand and teach our students.

      We have focus on plagiarism with our students, and now we will need to cover digital copyright. Multimedia is the being incorporated in education, entertainment, and our social lives; so we will need to ensure that they understand the consequences of finding themselves on the wrong side of digital copyright. With our project based learning program, I am always sending students to Google Image for pictures for their PowerPoint projects. We instruct them to treat pictures like they would quotes from books and websites. You didn't snap the picture, so give credit to those that did or provided it.