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  1. May 2019
    1. — shire

      Throughout her books you will see that Austen redacts some peoples and places names with --. It was common during the 18th and 19th century for authors to do so to either avoid inaccuracies or avoid being accused of writing about real people and places. By not giving the name of the militia that Wickham was a part of, Austen is able to continue the realism of her novels by avoiding creating a fictitious place while also separating her characters from any real people who would not want to be affiliated with the actions of Wickham.<br> https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/9479/why-in-old-books-are-dates-often-given-with-the-years-redacted

    2. covies

      "A brood or hatch of partridges; a family of partridges keeping together during the first season" (OED). Also spelled as covey.

    3. She sat intently at work

      "Work done with a needle; spec. the art or practice of sewing or embroidery. Also: sewn or embroidered items collectively" (OED).

      A lady can continue her light needlework during morning calls, but all other activities must be stopped at the entrance of guests.<br> http://www.mrsbeeton.com/01-chapter1.html

    4. prodigiously

      " Wonderfully, amazingly; (also) to a great extent or degree; extremely, immensely; prolifically, copiously" (OED).

    5. the regulars

      "A soldier belonging to the permanent professional armed forces of a country; a member of the regular army" (OED). Wickham has moved from his position in the militia, to a permanent position in the military after his marriage to Lydia.