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  1. Jun 2018
    1. There is a mutual agreement between the multiple authors in building a collaborative world that the logic evolves responsively.

      This agreement is very important because probably the dangers of fictional stories would be that some are just to hyper everything to be taken into consideration by it's consumers.

    2. world building: the power to visualise and bring to life narrative through a  lm’s total environment.

      more ife iRobot the flying car scenes portrayed a future people maybe started anticipating

    3. The possibilities of this storytelling technique are demonstrated by its transference into real-life projects, such as the immersive model that his production company, 5D GlobalStudio, developed for Al Baydha, a Bedouin village in Saudi Arabia.

      In order for Alex McDowell to think of the asthetics of a possible future city, he had to use a reference project in saudi arabia. Offering options to make a rural community in a village in Saudi Arabia more efficient in different ways made it possible for him to create a (better) future Detroit.