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  1. Oct 2019
    1. The ethics — and even the definition — of doxxing is murky. It is the dissemination of often publicly available information. And, some at the protest asked, are you really doxxing a person if he or she is marching on a public street, face revealed and apparently proud? It is not as though they are hiding their identities

      I didn't even know that this Doxxing thing exist, but I think that is very bad they are using private and confidential information to hurt other people.

    1. When memes or the subjects of a meme are used for commercial purposes without permission, the meme creator may sue, as the effect of the commercial use on the market value of the original meme usually prevents a finding of fair use. In 2013, the owners of the cats featured in the “Nyan Cat” and “Keyboard Cat” memes won a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and 5th Cell Media for respectively distributing and producing a video game using images of their cats.

      I think that is fair from the creator to sue if someone use a meme for commercial purposes, because it could lost all the credibility.

  2. Sep 2019
    1. When it comes to any form of resistance or fight for equality, America will always paint black people as terrorists. L

      This is true. We have this problem, that when something bad happens, we always see black people as the ones who are guilty. I watched the movie, "THE HATE U GIVE" which is based off the book by Angie Thomas that is about a girl, whose childhood best friend gets murdered by a white police officer for no reason and when he dies everyone is calling him a thug, gang member or a drug dealer just because he's black. We need to change this. We need a change.

    1. One of the things I’ve been trying to convince people for the past year and a half is that the only viable literacy solution to web misinformation involves always checking any information in your stream that you find interesting, emotion-producing, or shareable. It’s not enough to check the stuff that is suspicious: if you apply your investigations selectively, you’ve already lost the battle.

      I agree that is very important that you have to check your sources. Yo don't know for sure if these sources are correct or nor. This information from Mike Caulfield is very useful for me, now that I am using different tools.