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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Hugh's memorial can still be seen beneath the watchful gaze of the Lincoln Imp. The imp, which later became the insignia of the city of Lincoln, is a fancifully carved figure of a horned devil. The story goes that the architects of St Hugh's shrine wanted to remind visitors of the dangers of evil, so they position this 'little devil' so it would look down over the left shoulder of pilgrims as they prayed at St Hugh's shrine.

      The Lincoln imp is an interesting looking figure of a horned devil. Why would they want to have Hugh's memorial beneath the Lincoln Imp? As you can see, they mention St Hughs shrine wanted to remind visitors of the dangers of the evil and they positioned this little devil so it would down over the left shoulder of the pilgrims while they prayed at the shrine. This was an interesting feature because why would they want to remind visitors of the dangers of evil, what was so significant about that. As I think about it, I think that the dangers they were talking about was the fire that had taken place in 1124 and then the earthquake that had damaged the cathedral in 1185. I am more interested in figuring out what evil they are talking about and when did they think that the evil started?

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Mothers have a greater risk of developing depression when they have high‐risk pregnancies21 or infants with low birth weight,7 poor motor functioning, neonatal irritability8 and prematurity.

      What causes this to affect the mothers moods?

    2. Women at highest risk for PPD are those who have a history of depression, experience depression during pregnancy and have had one episode of major depression following childbirth.

      People who are already depressed will most likely have PPD

    1. your symptoms could last months or get worse and have a significant impact on you, your baby and your family.

      Could the symptoms cause mood swings?

    2. With the right support, which can include self-help strategies and therapy, most women make a full recovery.

      Its good to know most women make a full recovery.

    3. Do not struggle alone hoping that the problem will go away.

      Many people are in denial and don't do anything about it.

    4. Postnatal depression can start any time in the first year after giving birth.

      People hear new moms stating they have postpartum depression and think that they are over exaggerating. Most people have not experienced it and don't know how long it can start or last.

    5. It's a common problem, affecting more than 1 in every 10 women within a year of giving birth. It can also affect fathers and partners.

      Many people think only mothers are the ones who experience postpartum depression, never really thought that a father or partner could experience it.

    1. Postnatal depression can affect women in different ways. It can start at any point in the first year after giving birth and may develop suddenly or gradually.

      I thought that it only affects women in the early weeks after giving birth. Knowing that this can affect women in different was and it can start at any time the first year can explain a lot of things. Your hormones are changing a lot the first few weeks, which could explain why you would get it earlier in time.

    1. What had been private is now uncontrollably crowdsourced. Your consent becomes a trifling detail in a story about you that suddenly belongs to everyone else. It doesn’t matter otherwise.

      Knowing that anyone could be writing things about your life and the things your doing is sometimes to be scary.

    2. Then I realized that was precisely how I was treating these very real people. My stomach turned as I considered how I’d feel if every twitch of my arm, half of my conversation, and even my bathroom usage were all narrated, without my knowledge, for a swelling audience of several hundred thousand people online.

      I would feel upset if I seen someone do this to me. I would feel violated having hundreds or thousands of people reading about me.

    1. However, within copyright law exists the doctrine of fair use, which allows for use of a copyrighted work in the creation of new work without permission, as long as the use fits within certain parameters. A legal finding of fair use takes into account the following factors: The purpose of the use, The amount of the work to be used, The effect of the use on the market for or value of the original work, and The nature of the copyrighted work.

      How can a meme have copyrights when it is shared all over the web and there is no control to who shares it? If it were something that was published in a magazine, then I would understand about copyrights.

    2. Merriam-Webster defines “meme” (pronounced “meem”) as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture,” originating in the same root as “imitation.” Richard Dawkins is credited as having coined the term in The Selfish Gene (1976).

      I did not know that the definition was this old. I thought it was something that was more recent.

  3. Nov 2019
    1. Investigation admitted that prejudiced assumptions against the Black Lives Matter movement, Muslim Americans and black identity extremists was all a lie. Intelligence officials sat in front of lawmakers and openly admitted that white supremacists and right-wing violence are the biggest domestic terror threat but also admitted that federal agencies aren’t really doing anything about it.

      I have not heard of them using the word terror ever to describe this.If this is all true its quite upsetting.

    1. More people than you would think believe that the blue checkmark = trustworthy. But all the blue checkmark really does is say that the person is who they say they are, that they are the person of that name and not an imposter.

      I never knew that the checkmark meant it was the person who they say they are. How do they verify that it is actally that person though.