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  1. Mar 2021
  2. Aug 2020
    1. Where the price × supply, or market cap curve, is step-function-like, alternating between dynamic (dotted) states and equilibrium states. In practice, when transitioning into and out of dynamic states, we expect that effective traders will attempt to predict where the next equilibrium market cap will land, deriving their optimal buy and sell targets from these predictions and updating them as the market discovers the actual equilibrium point.

      If you trade the AMPL, you are actually betting/predicting the market cap of AMPL = supply x pirce

  3. Dec 2019
    1. oracle_staleness_threshold

      What is the definition? Should be added to Glossary Where is it used in the protocol?

    2. Stability Algorithm (CP-DOTO)

      Add graphs from blogposts which are really helpfull

    3. This limits the depletion potential in the CP-DOTO mechanism

      Doesn't the UniSwap model also add a limit on the expansion and contraction rate (cUSD per s) that is possible?

    4. However, as traders exploit this opportunity, the on-chain price PtP_tPt​ will dynamically adjust in response to changes in the tank quantities until the opportunity ceases to exist. This limits the depletion potential in the CP-DOTO mechanism in the case of imprecise or manipulated oracle rates.

      This limits the depletion potential until the oracle value is updated again and the buckets are reset. Then the depletion can continue, no?

    1. Stability Fees

      One liner of what the stability fee is before going in-depth?

    2. The inflationPeriod is initially set to weekly, so as to provide a predictable schedule. Once more than one inflationPeriod has passed since the last update, the fee is applied as part of a transfer or other erc20 standard event

      The inflationPeriod is initially set to 7 days (expressed in ?), so as to provide a predictable schedule. When more than one inflationPeriod has passed since the last update, the fee is applied as part of a transfer or other ERC20 standard event.

    3. per period of time

      per inflationPeriod

    4. the current value/units of Celo Dollars

      What does this mean?

    5. a protocol parameter

      Which protocl parameter? Where can I find the value?

    6. Through governance, a whitelist of reporters is selected.

      And why would I want to be a reporter? Am I incentived to be reporter? How exactly do I report the price as a reporter?

    7. This value is made available on-chain in the SortedOracles smart contract.

      A link to the SortedOracles smart contract?

  4. Nov 2019
  5. Aug 2019
    1. 'CONVERT'.  There is no fee on this, but the price will depend on market conditions.

      What exactly is the difference between "convert" and "create/redeem"? Is it correct to say that there is no fee?

  6. Aug 2017
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    2. Advantages of decentralization

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