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  2. Nov 2022
    1. hile others thought this biased people who were willingto “jump through hoops and self promote” (decentralion, 2019).

      Am I such a person?

    2. anywhere it is on the social channels established byblockchain developers for users

      May not be true for emerging economies

  3. Oct 2022
    1. resulting in a “mode of governance that dispenses withprocesses of subjectification by operating directly on the environment of the individual actors,shaping their conduct by intervening in their surrounding milieux” (18).

      Is being nuanced, bad for governance? Cannot automation increase plurality?

    1. Salary - need enough to survive, but since TEC is not a tax-funded institution, this is off the table

      Why cannot a non tax funded entity pay salaries?

    2. EC focuses too much on running the TEC (which was needed in the beginning to build it from the ground up) and not sufficiently on nurturing Token Engineering Commons - the public good, which is not only what is represented by ABC+CV and its operations.

      Completely agree.

    3. To live what we value fully “Sustainable and Ethical Design for Token Ecosystems” we also need Token Engineering Resources for practitioners Learning Resources (and practice spaces) for learners and practitioners

      Agree again

    4. So intrinsic motivation, “scratching a TE itch”, is the only economically viable incentive we can provide for TEs.

      Start small. Start. very, very smal and local.

  4. Sep 2022
    1. multi-scale.

      How is Bitcoin "multiscale"?


  5. Aug 2022
    1. Each investment strategy will include a range of possible operations based decision-making scenarios for individual Fund-Managers that will provide guidance on using their discretion. While not all decisions can be realistically presented to the community, each Fund-Manager will commit to act according to the intent of the approved strategy.

      The fund is probably not large enough to have multiple fund managers. It can replicate mutual or VC fund management structure in a small way.

    1. Why do we need to think and act more systemically?

      Isnt there a kind of contradiction between "befriending ambiguity" and "thinking and acting more systematically"?

  6. Jun 2022
    1. I would like to understand whether we are preparing to move away from “Commons as Public Goods” and into a strictly cashflow business as @akrtws and @trentmc0 seem to suggest.

      And the Base Layer should always remain free like in FOSS

    2. What is the Public Good of Token Engineering?) (b) iteratively figure out how Commons-based peer production of TE knowledge can pay off for all stakeholders in token ecosystems (which is a huge vision, considering we aim also at TE Ethics all along).

      It is "Token Engineering"

    3. short-term, this can be agreed upon rather quickly: proposals that get funding through TE Commons - and have revenues - share a portion of that or better yet buyback $TEC and build (e.g. distribute to builders/learners of TE knowledge) ;

      A better way would be to also sell to the beneficiary community.

    4. f $TEC holders sell off now, I hope sufficient TE learners and experienced TEs buy the dip- which brings me to the next obvious issue of liquidity, imv more pressing than “coming up with emergency revenue plan” → which would be giving up on Commons.

      This can be arranged.

    5. On paper and strictly by the numbers, I agree with @trentmc0 in that cutting spending, nearly to or outright to zero, may be

      Should be avoided!!!

    6. In DAOs fund management process is executed by a special treasury committee. Treasury committee = multi-sigs with funds + decision-makers The Treasury committee commonly consists of several people. They do following actions:

      Learn from VC structures!!!

    7. You need to monitor everything, check out updates, think about hedging (if you invest in something volatile) or at least read Twitter all the time to know (1) possible risks arising in products you supplied treasury money (2) new yield opportunities on the market.

      This is a very crude way of putting it. This function should ideally be delegated to someone with expertise. And watch out for Black Swans. If one cannot have one's nose to the wheel, follow "convex strategies"

    8. submit 2 grant requests for TEC general support

      There could be many more if the MTP, Milestone approach is taken.

    9. develop a treasury policy and strategy and begin earning yield

      Why just yield?

    10. There is a narrative here that I think is extremely important to follow, and it raises much larger questions about our efforts in this space. If we use the TE Academy for example, who holds the rights to decide what level of participation the TE Academy has within the TEC economy? Who can enter into agreements? What incentives exist that maintain this alignment? This applies to all projects that we choose to fund.

      This could be adressed once TE Academy issues tokens and there is a cross-holding of Tokens within and among the CS/TE ecosystem. designed such that a fair democratic system pervails. Lot of learning from the Ethereum ecosystem, I guess.

    11. I completely agree. However, I think that in the tokenized public goods space, it’s very difficult to actually “Earn” anything. We can produce Education as a public good for example, but that does not guarantee the ability to generate revenue because we don’t own the TE Academy or have rights to the revenue that is generated

      Not if its targeted at the beneficiary community

    12. There would be high volume on the ABC that would generate sufficient Common Pool funding. Need to have a Commons Pool sustainability strategy that takes into consideration the possibility of low volume trading of TEC.

      Redefine the ABC parameters??

    1. We need to sell supporters the token! I mean, we need to come up with marketing campaigns and sell people and organisations the notion that better Token Engineering is a vital tool to change the world for the better.

      Achieve Milestones instead. It has a massive signalling effect.

    1. The interplay between the interests of token holders (a) to sell when token price rises and (b) to buy as price drops to claim additional governance power over a growing treasury, creates a negative feedback loop that leverages speculative behavior into a continuous source of income for the project.

      In which scenarios would this be too simplistic an assumption?

    2. Money for the Commons,” noting agreement amongst scholars that such a currency for the commons needs to be anti-speculative, not scarce, and operated on a technological infrastructure that minimizes energy expenditure.

      Speculation is a cause for market effciency

    3. they conclude that blockchains must go beyond the expression of exchange value and be put in the service of use value production and circulation as well, which, “still, is where the commons begin” (2018: 6).

      Isnt this splitting of hairs? Exchange value is not without use and specualtion is a cause for market efficiency.

  7. May 2022
    1. thermodynamic context,” attempting to understand the physical preconditions for the continuation of human societies (Turchin and Nefedov, 2009).

      Thermodynamic? isnt there a more refined economic theory like say the dialectical materialism?

  8. Apr 2022
    1. Therefore projects must promise to return not just >0 value, but value greater accrued to the DASH chain by burning the tokens.

      What is the value derived by burning the tokens? Cannot be much I guess.

    1. Therefore, project proposals will need to include a model on ROI. Average ROI must be >1.0 for the ecosystem to grow.

      RoI must be greater than Cost of Capital in traditional finance. What is the equivalent of Cost of Capital in Web3?

      Weighted average cost of capital in traditional finance. If we assume Web3 is also competing for capital then assuming a Debt Equity ration of 1:1 and Average Interest cost of say 3% and RoE of say 8%, the CoC is 5.5%. Seems too low a bar.

  9. Mar 2022
    1. Then it hit me: lorecraft is a natural and adaptive intellectual response to the automation of vast swathes of managerial/leadership functions, and organizational processe