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  1. Oct 2020
    1. This Russian 'button' camera would have been stitched into a coat and then all the KGB agent had to do was squeeze the 'release cable' trigger. Many of the concealed miniature 'button cameras' had a wind-up mechanism - no batteries. One of the most widely used surveillance cameras of this type was the F-21 (seen here), which was manufactured between 1951 and 1995

      Examples of Cold War Cameras

    1. “For us, it slows things down. We try to integrate people back to humanity,” Mr. McAleer said. “If isolation and shame is the driver for people joining these types of groups, doxxing certainly isn’t the answer.”

      The idea shouldn't be to push these people farther into these groups or the outskirts of society. It should be about righting wrongs and reintegration into society.

    1. Your best bet is to start with an image or clip that is already labeled for reuse or is in the public domain, meaning out of copyright protection altogether. Google Images search tools provides such a filter, or try the Creative Commons search for work licensed for reuse via Creative Commons licenses. When you see a meme going around, give a thought to the subject of that meme image, whose life may forever be changed.

      It is super easy to forget that the images one uses are not theirs. And I'm glad they give an option that benefits everyone.

    2. Lantagne and Patel agree on the inability of copyright law to fully address the subject of memes, given their cultural importance as what Lantagne calls “pure engines of expression with their own symbolic vocabulary” while also relying, in Patel’s words, on “massive unauthorized copying” to attain such importance.

      I believe as long as they are using a meme for commentary , parody, or criticism then it is fine. But if someone is doing it to gain money then it becomes a copyright issue.

    1. This evaluation of covert paramilitary operations conducted by the CIA in the very early years of the Cold War period is a combination of pure cost-benefit analysis and a more subjective evaluation of return on investment. Included is a collection of brief case studies of OSS operations during World War II, for they established the precedence for conducting similar activity during the Cold War. There were significant differences, however, between the CIA's "operating environment" in the late 1940's and early 1950's and the wartime situation OSS officers operated within several years earlier. Success of post-war operations depended to a large degree on the ability of US policy officials and CIA paramilitary specialists to recognize the changes and adjust accordingly.

      Black Operations p2

    1. Early US operations were successful, such as the CIA's help to the Italian Christian Democrats, and the help to the Iranian Shah in 1953 code name TPAJAX. In 1954 an operation code named PBSUCCESS involved a Guatemalan Colonel Carlos C. Armas entering his home country with a small force, which had a CIA backing and was backed up by CIA pilots after some confusion Armas became President. These early successes helped increase the CIA's reputation and since they were " small, cheap, fast and tolerably secret, they encouraged Washington to think other covert actions could be likewise."

      Black Operations

    1. National Committee for a Free Europe organization was also established to address the plight of exiles from Eastern Europe (Parsons, n.d). Funded by the CIA, this organization established Radio Free Europe (REFE) in 1950, beginning its broadcast in July of the same year from Germany. Another radio targeting the Soviet Union (Radio Liberty or RL) was created by a similar organization of exiles. Since it was also broadcasting from Germany, the RL signal faced constant jamming by Soviet leaders from its inception. Jamming was a technology used by the Soviet Union to interfere with the radio transmission (Parsons, n.d).

      Cold War Radio pt.2

    2. The cold war reached its greatest heights in 1952. During this period, Radio Amateur Society was formed under the effort of the Civil Defense. This development and many others were as a result of the recognition of the essence of disaster and emergency communication. In the cold war period, transistors and integrated circuits were also invented. It also saw the improvement of frequencies from the lowest to microwaves (Farnham, 2005).

      Cold War Radio

  2. Sep 2020
    1. America will always paint black people as terrorists. Law enforcement officers always knew this was bullshit. The FBI was fully aware that Black Lives Matter posed no threat

      it is a little iffy how both links go to articles from the same site.

    1. When a story is truly breaking, this is what it looks like. Our technique here is simple. Select some relevant text. Right-click or Cmd-click to search Google When you get to Google don’t stop, click the “News” tab to get a more curated feed Read and scan. Investigate more as necessary.

      This is something everyone should do, especially in our climate

    1. The case of Air Force 60528 is unusual—not because the U.S. government withheld the truth about its purpose for nearly 40 years, but because the crew members’ remains were ultimately recovered and returned, and their memories honored. For the crews of at least 30 other lost reconnaissance airplanes, there has been no recovery, no return, no ceremony.

      Secret Spy Plane Casualties

    1. during the Cold War the United States developed several dedicated reconnaissance aircraft designs, including the U-2 and SR-71, to monitor the nuclear threat from the Soviet Union.[5] Other types of reconnaissance aircraft were built for specialized roles in signals intelligence and electronic monitoring, such as the RB-47, Boeing RC-135 and the Ryan Model 147 drones.

      Spy Planes

    1. The RFID tag - short for Radio-Frequency Identification - is ubiquitous in the modern economy.


    1. nuclear power developed out of the Cold War’s mass production of nuclear weapons. As a result, nuclear power emerged as a valuable energy resource and has the potential to power the world more efficiently than any other available technology


    2. during the Cold War, the development of tiny portable and hidden video and recording technologies emerged.

      Surveillance Tech