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  1. Mar 2021
    1. evolutionary software. It's the process of evolution that matters. If a system is rigid and can't change, you're stuck. This may seem obvious, but lots of software ships with no way to evolve. What happened with Hypercard, Notes and HTML? Why aren't they evolving?

      What can make software evolve?

      I don’t believe in evolution, so lets say grow and mature :-)

    2. It may appear that the outliner approach is narrow, but I don't think it is. I think outliners mirror what's going on in our brains, they reflect the way we organize ideas, concepts and information. I told Engelbart that our success with outliners came with people who understood the process of thinking. Everyone thinks, but only a few are aware of how they do it. This requires a higher level of awareness


    3. The purpose of networks of computers is to enable people to work together. Mastering the art of working together requires that you throw the concept of dominance out the window. Goodbye. I don't want to dominate you, I want to work with you. Big difference in attitude.

      I agree with this. Very much repelled by arrogance, and drawn to modesty.

      Question: people need to put food on the table. how to do both?

    4. I kept saying all I want to do is create an environment where people work together

      What is meant by work together? Tools for collaboration? Or actually collaborating on building tools?

  2. Feb 2021
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    1. One day Zhaozhou went to visit Zhuyou, where he paced back and forth brandishing his staff from east to west and west to east. Zhuyou asked, “What are you doing?” Zhaozhou replied, “Testing the water.” Zhuyou retorted, “I haven’t even one drop here; what will you test?” Zhaozhou left, leaning on his staff. See how he revealed a bit of an example, really quite able to stand out


    1. vel is carried out primarily by non-federal scientists, while the second is performed by Advisory Councils or Boar

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    1. little bit everyday is better than a big effort once in a while

      A little. kaizen

  4. Jan 2021
    1. Algorithms of Thought are procedures to think through a problem or situation and solve it.

      this is great