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  1. Oct 2016
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      Isn't that kind of what we have been doing for some years? Trying to be eco friendly, recycling and such to make the world a better place. Yet people keep on cutting down trees. How is that going to change when people can do what they want to do. Yes, we can make the best of what we have but what if what we have isn't enough or all gone. What then? People will use something else and that will be gone soon as well.

    2. ourrightsandtherightsofallhumansarenotgrantedbyanyhumangovernmentbutareinnate,belongingtousbybirth.Thisinsis~tencecomesnotfromthefearofdeathorevenextinctionAbutfromtheancientfearthatinordertosurvivewemightbecomeinhumanormonstro

      Why would we fear to become inhuman and monstrous? What most people really care about is extinction. Yet her it states that's not the case. How? And why would we ned to become inhuman and monstrous?