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  1. May 2021
    1. Meme creators and posters have been sued for using people’s images without permission, especially those who were not already public figures.

      this is interesting to know

    2. Image-based memes involve, primarily, an image created by somebody. Sometimes the meme creator is also the image creator, but often, when involving movie stills or images of celebrities, the image’s copyright is owned by someone else

      sometimes it is important to be creative with actual situations that are happening around the world and give a message for the better understanding of the people.

    3. They catch on and spread via social media because they’re funny or they hit a nerve.

      It is impressive how quickly something can get viral and shared with so many people around the world.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. The FBI said it has stopped using the "Black Identity Extremist" tag and acknowledged that white supremacist violence is the biggest terrorist threat this country faces.

      The way she looks at the audience to give the information is so powerful. The FBI took a big step to recognize what has been denied for years

    1. In this case, the URL does match. What does this look like if the site is fake? Here’s an example. A while back a site at bloomberg.ma impersonated the Bloomberg News site. Let’s see what that would look like:

      Its interesting to know that by putting wikipedia at the end, information can be verified