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  1. Sep 2019
    1. A definition essay

      Is it typical to be used in addition with a exemplification essay. To take it above and beyond in its quality of writing?

    1. "Don't use your intuition to convince yourself that things are going right, use it to alert you to potential problems,"

      Sometimes when something feels like it is right it might not always be right.

    2. In each case, the domino effect results from a deep-seated emotion: the need to help others.

      It it a need though or a passion?

    3. It's easy to think: I'll just go over the redline a little bit. What difference will it make? The problem is that once we do, there are no more cues reminding us that we're heading in the wrong direction.

      That is like saying no to the cues that tell us right from wrong. Which then compromises the morals we choose/practice.

    1. Why do we write?

      For someone writing a piece it could be about a passion. Or about someone or something they lost. Everyone has different reasons to why they write