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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. Being a minority, I have been given dirty looks and underestimated but I can’t really say I’ve experienced injustice hand to hand

      I agree and relate to this. I have seen how people treat my parents with disrespect and talk to them with a different tone but I've never been through that myself.

    2. mom and dad’s house I made the permanent decision to stay with my dad.

      I didn't know your parents were divorced. My parents have joint custody so I've never been in that position.

    3. like to play basketball

      I didn't know you played basketball, are you trying out?

    4. Reading these books have impacted my life and opened my eyes to many realizations about the magnificence of God.

      It's interesting how seriously you take your religion. My friends act almost ashamed when it comes to going to church and reading the bible.

    5. . I am a very religious person and I believe in God.

      You don't fit my view of religious people. I always think of Amish people when someone says they're very religious. Maybe that's the single story I listen to.

    6. first decided to join soccer at age 14 in the 8th grade.

      I know a lot of people associate you with soccer so what made you so interested in soccer and what made you take it so seriously?