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  1. May 2020
    1. minimum viable courses”:

      This feels like what @AbosedeGeorge was getting at with takeaways from Hackathon. Will COI be on board with this?

    2. complicated, highly corporate, and narrow advice about how to teach online

      I'm struck how many of these plans are "indifferent to" or assume that one can change human behavior--is this due to the idea of the "corporate?"

    3. Migrating a class into domestic space changes all interactions.

      Just to try this again

  2. Jun 2017
    1. But there were certainly many kinds of instruments being played in Jamaica at the time.

      John Taylor (1687) describes a "kitt" thusly: "Then those pore slaves leave off work and repaire to their houses, where they gett their suppers, make a great fier, and with a kitt (made of a gourd or calabash with one twine string)"

    2. he "festival” described by Sloane here was one of many kinds of musical gatherings that took place in colonial towns at the end of market days as well as on plantations, and in the spaces in between.

      I wonder if it helps to consider that "festival" during this time still had the primary association with "feast days"; that is celebrations specifically tied to a religious calendar? Does the use of the word here mark Sloan's recognition of the event having a religious significance? "Alla, Alla,"