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  1. Oct 2022
    1. female governesses of Oneida

      Important female leadership within tribe. definition and cultural important. want to know more.

    2. please write to us that we may know yours

      please respond to out declaration.

    3. we open the road wide

      was this all the Iroquois? or just this tribe? was this sense of peace loving common for this area of natives?

    4. now going down to visit their friends, and to move up parts of their families that were left behind

      where was the migration from?

    5. The quarrel seems to be unnatural

      in what way was brothers fighting about anything unnatural? from todays lens most siblings fight from time to time. is this a newer idea? i think not.

    6. As our younger brothers of the New-England Indians

      why is the one human race assertion held fast by this native tribe after new influence utilizing slavery?

    7. younger brothers

      sense of humanity. one human race. important reason to how land loss took place. Natives understanding of property.

    8. Governour Trumbull

      audience of this letter.

    9. The Oneida nation, one of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), issued a formal declaration of neutrality on June 19, 1775 to the governor of Connecticut after the imperial crisis between Great Britain and their North American colonies erupted into violence. This declaration hints at the Oneida conceptions of their own sovereignty among the Six Nations confederacy, the independence of other Native American nations, and how the Oneida understand the conflict as a war “between two brothers.” Samuel Kirkland, a missionary living in Iroquois country, interpreted and transcribed the Oneida’s words and sent them to Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut.

      pre-write or Rationale. not at end of writing so i think it is still the thesis of this letter.

    10. Old and New-England

      Old England voice missing and needs to be part of conversation.