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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Ten years from now,

      I have always thought that you learn more in General Ed classes than classes dedicated to your major. Not to say learning about the innerworkings of magnets is a useless skill it is not, but you can definitely take a lot more from history or philosophy classes. But more than anything, you will not take anything from a class if you don't put in effort.

    1. Pretend you’re the curator at a museum devoted just to you. How would you present your artifacts to visitors?

      ME! I would make into a story. Assuming that I faked my death or AI is very powerful it can replicate me, I would start the museum tour in my birth and move on into my "death" . Where every year is another artifact like cloths I wore, the backpacks I had, and I would even display figures of me doing stuff similar to animals in there natural habitat.

    1. In my life thinking critically looks like reflecting on your past and history to guide you with your decision making in the future. There may not be an exact situation from the past that will be the answer, but there could be a scenario that is similar that you can use to help influence your future decision making skills.

    1. Using information and ethically for me pretty much sums up to, giving credit where credit is due and using data to help you with decision making. In my job we collect data from students which helps us get funding for my program. I understand that, if we are not getting positive growth in our data then we run the risk of loosing funding. So I understand the importance of data.

    1. Understand and value differences to me means, being open minded and the use of cultural relativism. To me it is incredibly important to be accepting and understanding of other people's cultures and customs. Whenever someone would acknowledge my culture I would always feel very proud of it. So I want to repay that and give the respect that all differences deserve.

    1. Communicating effectively to me just means getting the message out with the shortest amount of words with the same impact. I do a lot of presentations for my job which requires me to change the way how I talk with varying groups of kids so being able to deliver the message as short and sweet as possible is effective communication.

    1. It will also be interdisciplinary because you, the author, are informed by many disciplines.

      I remember in UNVI 101 the importance of knowing and understanding the many different perspectives that there are (artist, humanist...) Understanding the works of how different people view things is important.

    1. truth is that no one who has ever grown in a meaningful way was truly “ready” for it.

      Often time we are our own biggest bullies. Lemony Snicket once said, “If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

      I really appreciate that Lucas still self reflects on his past rather then forgetting about it completely and starting a new life.

    1. I am most at ease in an activity when I understand how my thoughts shape the feelings I bring to an experience

      I really like what Brian is saying here, It is really hard to see how easily our identities can change from one accident.

      Zig Ziglar once said, "The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist."

    1. How have you been shaped — personally, academically, professionally — by your college experience so far?

      I'm still very new to the UofA but it has been a great experience. Taking some Gen Ed's gave me a lot of really eye opening experiences. I took an Intro to African American Hip Hop and I enjoyed that course a lot. I've learned that Gen Ed's are usually the most fun courses where you will learn a lot.

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    1. lifelong process

      The Lifelong learning assignment from UNVI 101 was a lot of fun making. I hope we can make something similar in 301.