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  1. Jul 2021
    1. My son suffers from malnutrition, and now he is also sick. He has been like this for three months, and he cannot walk. I brought him to this hospital, but still have to buy the medicine from

      Interview with an actual Yemeni person explaining their difficulties.

    1. The story’s charm disguises the invasion of privacy at its heart: the way technology is both eroding our personal boundaries and coercing us in deleterious ways.

      This is an important idea because technology has truly changed the way we see the world and interact and there is a lot of cons going into that.

    2. I considered how I’d feel if every twitch of my arm, half of my conversation, and even my bathroom usage were all narrated, without my knowledge, for a swelling audience of several hundred thousand people online.

      This is a very real look at the realities of having your information being shared online without your consent.

    1. The growth of the internet led to a new usage of the word (the meme of “meme”!) by Mike Godwin in Wired (1994), as an image or video that spreads via social media and other means “virally,” a term Dawkins also used to describe how memes replicate. Know Your Meme is a crowdsourced database of popular memes, owned by a company that created many early memes. Meme histories are tracked from first appearance, providing a reference of viral memes.

      A meme is a very broad meaning for a phenomenon in social media

    2. Meme creators and posters have been sued for using people’s images without permission, especially those who were not already public figures. In 2003, the parents of the unwilling star of the “Star Wars Kid” video sued their son’s classmates for posting the video online. Though the suit was settled, the video did not disappear, and the Star Wars Kid learned to deal with his fame

      If your content is online for anyone to see, do the meme creators really deserved to be sued?

    1. We know that there are negotiations concerning the Iranian nuclear deal happening in Vienna, and any progress happening there will be reflected on the situation here in Yemen,"

      other sources confirm the first, the end to the war in Yemen is not in sight

    1. Yemen’s capital of Sanaa and restore interim President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power. The war, which Saudi Arabia told Obama administration officials would take about “six weeks,” has not gone according to plan. Saudi Arabia has not achieved any of its military objectives in Yemen. President Hadi remains in exile, his government is weak and in disarray, and the Houthis are stronger now than they were when the fighting bega

      Yemen is in complete chaos.

    1. But when it comes to white people’s stance on black protest, as the great poet and philosopher Montero Lamar Hill once said: “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.

      I loved this conclusion to the article it really ties it all up and sends a clear message.

    1. There are some hard problems with misinformation on the web. But for the average user, a lot of what goes wrong comes down to failure to follow simple and quick processes of verification and contextualization. Not after you start thinking, but before you do.

      This is interesting because it shows that most of us don't do our research In order to verify information and that's our biggest downfall. A simple check would save us all the hassle.

  2. Jun 2021
    1. emen, one of the Arab world's poorest countries, has been devastated by a civil war. Here we explain what is fuelling the fighting, and who is involved.