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  1. Jan 2022
    1. And even if you’re state-funded, you may have to supplement your income from public money by raising commercial revenue from advertising or other sources.

      Mention the example of AlAhram

  2. Sep 2021
  3. Feb 2021
    1. few of Africa's governments would not qualify as state

      I agree and I also think that this might be why there are numerous failed states in Africa

    1. quasi-states

      Not fully sovereign

    2. sovereignty represents an historical mode of global govern­ance intended to effect a moral order of identity and subjectivity.

      I agree because people use sovereignty to define a state

    1. effort to monopolize the means of violence within a delimited territory adjacent to a power holder's base.

      Max Webber

    2. With the other, it evokes the racket in which a local strong man forces merchants to pay tribute in order to avoid damag

      I really liked how the author displayed this example

    1. The Treaty of Westphalia

      I think that the Treaty of Westphalia acts like the beginning of International Relations more that reformation of political organizations.

    2. “monopoly on the legitimate use of force.”

      Personally. I find this as one of the most important way to define the state.

    3. focus on the ways states and their rulers regulate what people do with their time, money, property, minds, and bodies.

      I think that this is very important to understand and learn more about, since they control people's behavior in so many ways like economics, specifically the central bank's rules/rates.

    4. legitimate authority must be backed by the threat of force.

      Here, they mixed up both styles of ruling

    5. people would agree to limit their own freedom to do as they please, as long as everyone else agreed to the same restrictions

      This statement is very powerful and it perfectly describes how the governments control people; when we agree to limit our freedom, we do it to feel safe.

    6. government to avoid this dismal fate

      I agree because without having a government that is rather strong, chaos would most likely spread and there would barely be any control over the citizens.

    7. forced to pay their taxes, or they can willingly do so

      Showing the two different styles of governing

    8. f we all act solely on our individual interests, we all might lose out on what we want.

      This also exposes how dangerous it can be for a party to act only for its benefit while disregarding the others/majority

    9. what I choose to do may affect your ability to choose what you want to do, and vice-versa.

      I think that this statement perfectly displays the relationship between the decisions of two parties

    10. April 2009, Somali pirates captured an American cargo ship and took its captain hostage aboard a small lifeboat.

      There was a movie inspire by this issue. "Captain Phillips

  4. Sep 2020
  5. Jul 2020
  6. Mar 2020
    1. It's the picture of a human being who lacks the very idea of evil

      He conceals his evil side effectively.

    2. While he's capable of feeling human sympathy, he's equally capable of coolly committing murder.

      Almost feels like he has split personalities

    3. He's a cultivated, knowledgeable human being.

      "Evil" people can be just like everyone else, living normally

    4. people often destroy the good in others and at the same time sabotage their own.


    5. people set morality aside as a matter of self-interest


    6. You either let some event ruin your life or not. The decision is yours.

      I think they're heartless

    7. Both choose to commit murder for the sake of goals they think are more important than traditional moral values.


    8. They don't care as long as their semi-aristocratic lifestyle runs on smoothly.

      Many people are currently like that

    9. Ripley was living more lucidly and more purposefully than most human beings are capable of doing.


    10. He kills when killing is necessary in order to maintain the kind of life he enjoys, not because he enjoys murdering people.

      Mind of a criminal pt.2

    11. he kills in order to prevent his crimes from being exposed.

      Mind of a criminal

    12. the basis that good and evil have no meaning.

      I agree

    13. depictions

      Painting the whole story

    14. showing the unequivocal triumph of evil over good, and rejoicing in it. I shall make my readers rejoice in it, too".

      Her purpose of writing

    15. rejoicing


    16. unequivocal

      Leaving no doubt

    17. Highsmith was always fascinated by evil.

      Most people are, including myself. Their way of thinking is just very interesting.

    18. that evil is gradually diminishing in the world as human beings become more reasonable.

      I disagree, I think that evil is still there unchanged yet our understanding of evil has changed.

    1. The suicide says "no" to life because it has become an intolerable burden.

      This basically describes how depressed people feel

    2. Even a mild deprivation of love can be enough to turn us into monsters.

      This is what many people I know are going through

    3. killing simply for the hell of it.

      With no logical motive.

    4. good are bound to end up as victims, and nobody wants to be that.


    5. something nerdy about goodness.

      This is how people feel towards "good"

    6. do nothing without a soberly calculated purpose.

      Have targets

    7. by tearing other people apart.

      Aim of evil

    8. banality

      Being unoriginal/unique

    9. it crumbles away to nothing.

      Amazing description of evil

    10. joie de vivre

      cheerful enjoyment of life

    11. when goodness began to look boring.

      This is true, many people view good as a cliche sets of actions

    1. Don’t sign the contract!

      Wake up call

    2. small doses of additional life

      Shows how desperate people are for living more

    3. repeat

      Excellent choice of words

    4. “whenever science makes a discovery, the devil grabs it while the angels are debating the best way to use it.”

      This is a perfect way to view the situations we live in

    5. Mephistopheles isn’t done with us.

      He is a metaphor that perfectly describes our current state.

    6. becomes the target of the devil Mephistopheles

      Weak people are always the target of evil

    7. has a surprising connection to the world of aging today.
  7. Feb 2020
    1. None of us are heroes.


    2. Now before I go into the cave and when I come out I have a little prayer.


    3. For him, something has changed


    4. "One of the divers lost his dive line whilst carrying one of the precious packages, but he made it out as well.


    5. rain that was forecast actually came earlier than we expected


    6. They were given a quick jab to get them unconscious (again)."


    7. Each boy was given a full face mask, then packaged up - strapped to a kind of stretcher, tied hand and foot with cable ties.


    8. The Wild Boars were knocked out. In some cases, they were barely breathing.


    9. The only way they might get the boys out alive was to sedate them


    10. There was a horrible smell,


    11. search for the team started on 1 July


    12. Nobody reported them as being lost or not around, not even their wives."


    13. I knew that this was going to end with someone losing their life


    14. They didn't really know what to do,


    15. simply because they'd never had this situation arise before


    16. "I know it [the cave system] better than anybody. It's been my second home. I don't have to think about where I am,


    17. got trapped by floodwater 4km (2.5 miles) inside


    18. 12 boys and their football coach had been found alive deep underground


    19. He's been exploring underground caves for almost 50 years


    20. It's a kilometre and a half of diving. How the hell were we going to get them out alive?" /**/ (function() { if (window.bbcdotcom && bbcdotcom.adverts && bbcdotcom.adverts.slotAsync) { bbcdotcom.adverts.slotAsync('mpu', [1,2,3]); } })(); /**/


    21. and the horror of what lay ahead


    22. a year after one of the most complex and dangerous rescues the world has ever seen, Vernon is still dealing with the trauma of those 17 desperate days.