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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Bowe and David did not overlap in Haqqani custody.

      bowe wasn't actually there

    1. Safe to say, Bowe never heard the message. Also safe to say, Bowe was trying really hard to come home. His first year in captivity starts with an escape and ends with an escape, like shitty bookends to a terrible year.

      bowe was trying hard even if it was his fault he wasmkaing up for it

    1. n attan is an Afghan dance where typically there's a drum and you move in a circle in unison. So yeah, apparently they did one for this frightened American soldier in a grape orchard.

      bowe was sacred thus giving more a reason to be irrational.

    2. There's nowhere he can go. LOL."

      we should feel sorry for bowe he was being held captive.

    3. Likewise, the officer in charge of that hearing, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Visger, in his report on what to do about the charges, he apparently recommended a lesser proceeding called a special court-martial, more like a misdemeanor trial. He also recommended no confinement.

      Thats two high up officers who belive that jail is inappropriate.

    4. the two-star general in charge of investigating Bowe's case, a man named Kenneth Dahl—who took a 371 page statement from Bowe, who assembled a 22 person team, who coordinated with 24 government agencies, interviewed 56 people—he said he believed that Bowe told them the truth about why he did what he did, that Bowe was remorseful, that Bowe recognizes, quote, "that he was young and naive and inexperienced," unquote.

      If a general belives bowe we should too, he's a pretty powerful man.

    5. It's just, for a lot of people watching Bowe's case, it's been hard to handicap. All outward signs have pointed to an army that is of two minds about how to deal with what Bowe did—whether to throw the book at him, or whether to say, OK, yes, he screwed up in a huge way, but five years with the Taliban, enough is enough.

      It is unclear on wether or not no heavily or lightly punish bowe depending on the people who bowe has come into contact with.