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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Marriage is a union of love, not a union of genders.

      marriage is a relation between the two person that how much they love each other not depend on their gender

    2. 9. Gays don't try to control straights' rights, so straights shouldn't try to control gays' rights.

      no one should judge other person because all people are equal

    3. 'Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual priviledge.'

      it shouldn't just for heterosexual but also for homosexual because it is human right

    1. Defense of Marriage Act

      United States federal law that, prior to being ruled unconstitutional, defined marriage for federal purposes as the union of one man and one woman, and allowed states to refuse to

    2. In light of the 2015 Obergefell decision, federal and state benefits are available to all legally married couples in the United States, gay or straight.

      federal and state both can benefit from all legally married couples in the Untied State no matter is gay or straight which mean if we allow gay marriage economy will improve

    3. Equal Protection clause

      The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction "the equal protection of the laws".

    1. Gay marriages can bring financial gain to federal, state, and local governments and can help boost the economy.

      gay marriage can boost the economy in many way such as having more wedding and more activity

    2. Children need both a mother and a father

      according to this source http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/ children were happier when they raise by same couple

    3. Allowing gay couples to wed could further weaken the institution of marriage.

      it would not weaken the institution of marriage. gay marriage will decrease the rate of divorce and increase the economy

    4. Gay marriage is protected by the US Constitution's commitments to liberty and equality

      gay marriage is protect by the declaration of independence and from fourteenth amendment according to US Constitution

    5. US public opinion had shifted significantly over the years, from 27% approval of gay marriage in 1996 to 60% in 2015, according to Gallup.

      over the decade US public had change their opinion the percentage of gay marriage had increase from 27% to 60%

    1. Fourteenth Amendment

      Fourteenth amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War.

    2. in June 2013, the Supreme Court struck down DOMA by declaring it unconstitutional because it barred federal recognition of gay rights. The justices also ruled then against California's same-sex marriage ban, known as "Prop 8.

      it is unconstitutional because according to the declaration of independence human being had born with human right and liberty

    1. More than one quarter of the same-sex couples we surveyed were raising children and almost all of these couples said their children were happier and better off as a result of their marriage.

      if the children that are raise by same couple were happier than we should allow gay marriage because we allway want ourchildren to be happy

    2. We found that over 70 per cent of married same-sex couples felt marriage had increased the level of commitment in their relationship.

      when same couple got marriage they live happier than before because their relation had increase

    3. A range of studies have shown that marriage leads to improved mental and physical health

      if marriage leads to improve mental and physical health than gay marriage will also improve mental and physical health

    1. economic boosts states got from granting same-sex marriage rights in the first year after doing so: 2004 Massachusetts: $60 million (Likely so high because, as the first state, it turned into a destination for couples looking to get married.) 2008 Connecticut: $16 million 2009 Vermont:  $5 million; Iowa: $8 million 2010 New Hampshire: $5 million

      every state economy are increasing when they allow gay marriage

    2. But out of the nearly 650,000 same-sex couples in the U.S. only about 50,000 have married

      if all same couple get marriage the economy will increase so much because it said that their was 650,000 same couple and only small amount had marriage

    3. we may be doing more of these activities than before because we’ve got invitations for some new events: gay weddings.

      doing more activities than before after of gay marriage which the economy are going to increase

    1. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage

      all 50 state should allow gay marriage in their state also according to our constitution it state that people have born with natural right, liberty, and property which mean people can judge other people.

    2. Now, at least 37 states and D.C. recognize same-sex marriage.

      now more people had start to support gay marriage than before

    1. Legalizing gay marriage will have no negative impact on religion and/ or the religious view of others, just as religion should not have any impact on the issue of gay marriage.

      This is why the government are involve in marriage that the church because the government are not allow to have any religion or belief toward anything

    2. Gay marriage will increase the chances for thousands of foster children to gain loving parents and families.

      I think that it mean gay marriage have more chance than regular marriage to gain more love to thier childern

    3. The same acceptance that will come about due to legalizing gay marriage will show teens that homosexuality is accepted and respected in society.

      It will show teenagers being homosexuality is no big deal so teenagers don't need to commit suicide

  2. Dec 2015
    1. Pink slime

      A dysphemism for lean finely textured beef or LFTB, finely textured beef, and boneless lean beef trimmings or BLBT, is a meat-based product used as a food additive to ground beef and beef-based processed meats, as a filler or to reduce the overall fat content of ground beef.

  3. Nov 2015
    1. One analysis, by Rich Pirog of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, showed that transportation accounts for only 11% of food’s carbon footprint.

      This proves the idea that because the product is closer it is less harmful to the environment when the the transportation take just 11% of the total energy expended so regardless of distance it's affect on the food's carbon footprint is really small

    2. The one big problem with thinking beyond food miles is that it’s hard to get the information you need.

      i agree because sometimes you cant get the information you need from farms to see if their animals and products are being grown environmentally friendly

    3. Take lamb. A 2006 academic study (funded by the New Zealand government) discovered that it made more environmental sense for a Londoner to buy lamb shipped from New Zealand than to buy lamb raised in the U.K. This finding is counterintuitive — if you’re only counting food miles. But New Zealand lamb is raised on pastures with a small carbon footprint, whereas most English lamb is produced under intensive factory-like conditions with a big carbon footprint. This disparity overwhelms domestic lamb’s advantage in transportation energy.

      I agree that the argument that the locacvore movement is not "greener" and that the time and effort used to raise an animal ex. lamb is more counterproductive than just buying from the normal provider