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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Instagram
      1. The cats are shown off. I think this is to use them as an attraction for the restaurant. All angles taken to complement the cat.
    2. Le restaurant
      1. This website is meant to advertise this restaurant. I think I will find information about the restaurant and the cats. I would assume the owner of the restaurant had it made.
    3. choisis pour leur caractère sociable envers les autres chats et les humains.
      1. Cats are chosen based on how sociable they are.
    4. Les enfants sont sous la responsabilité de leurs parents
      1. Children are allowed but parents must control them.
    5. félin
      1. Another name for chat. Used to attach a more respectable term to the cat.
    6. Totalement interdit de nourrir un chat.
      1. Rule: forbidden from feeding cats
    7. moment
    8. protection
  2. Oct 2020
    1. (68 %) sont dans une famille « traditionnelle »

      Wonder how this ratio compares to the US and what effect that would have on french family culture.

    2. 2018

      It is interesting that the regions with a higher percentage are grouped together

    3. monoparentales

      It is interesting that in the below chart there is a larger concentration in the southern region. I wonder what factors contribute to this

    4. 4 millions d’enfants mineurs vivaient avec un seul de leurs parents au domicile

      I wonder the rates are even between races and if that plays into societal prejudices as it does in America.

  3. Sep 2020
    1. On a beaucoup de grands espaces, des forêts immenses, et aussi des villes dynamiques comme Toronto

      Agreed niagra falls is very beautiful

    2. j’ai droit à la bourse mensuelle sur critères sociaux du Crous

      What is the student debt situation is like in France and Canada if there are scholarships along with cheaper educations?

    3. taxes

      I wonder what the tax system is like in these socially democratic countries?

    4. J’ai trouvé une colocation sur un groupe Facebook

      This gets me to wondering how much does french culture rely on social media platforms in everyday life compared to Americans?

    5. Pour ce qui était de Toronto, la ville est très dynamique et multiculturelle, je l’appelle souvent mon petit New-York.

      I love Toronto for the reasons stated. The mix of cultures in such a beautiful is a site to behold.