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    1. This makes it very hard to compare species or pool the results of separate studies.

      difficulty comparing species

    2. Robin Dunbar f

      I want to track down this article

    3. need to keep track of a wide range of food like fruit, which vary by place and season.

      evolution to keep track of food

    4. One idea says that our smarts evolved so we could keep track of the relationships within our complex social groups.

      primate intelligence reasons

    5. For example, the animals’ scores correlated with the absolute but not relative sizes of their brains. In other words, it didn’t matter whether the animals’ brains were big for their size, but whether they were big, full-stop.

      brain size

    6. MacLean, Hare and Nunn’s team gave this “A-not-B” test to their animals, using food rather than a toy.

      task #1

    7. Animals exercise it when they stop themselves from mating in the presence of a dominant peer, when they forgo an existing source of food in favour of foraging somewhere new, or when they share resources with their fellows.

      methods for demonstrating self-control

    8. self-control

      testing self-control

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    1. Various early warning systems and heat action plans have considered populations that experience homelessness to be a particularly vulnerable group.23 For example, action plans in Phoenix, Arizona, provided cooling stations and distributed water in areas where people who were experiencing homelessness congregated and included a psychiatrist on outreach teams for triaging mental health needs.23 In a qualitative study on Montreal, Canada's heat action plan evaluating the perceptions of vulnerable populations, some of whom were individuals experiencing homelessness, participants indicated that messaging to lessen the negative impacts of heat waves was not effective. For example, some of the recommendations of the heat action plan included spendingtime in a cooled public area; however, some participants mentioned being asked to leave by guards when seeking refuge in these areas.14 Although populations experiencing homelessness are recognized as a priority in many early warn-ng system or heat action plans, the most appropriate actions to protect these individuals may be more chal-engingto identify than the measures ndicated for other high-risk groups.

      this paragraph is talking about Canada

    1. I've told the other people from my old [middle] school, "You know what? This is legit. I'm actually going to a college. I'm not necessarily going to a high school." And they don't believe me. But when I got here I was like, "Yeah. This is a college."

      I could use this quote to demonstrate personal experience

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