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  1. Oct 2016

      True in a sense, But why must we have limits if we have never reached them. theoretically speaking isn't there always room for improvement regardless of the subject?

    2. Weare,inshort,comingunderpreuretounderstandourselvesaslimitedcreaturesinalimitedworld.

      Yes we are limited, but being limited has never stopped mankind from progressing.

    3. Ournationalfaithsofarhasbeen:"There'salwaysmore."Ourtruereli-gionisasortofautisticindustrialism.

      Why choose that mentality when we have found ways to innovatively come up with solutions to prior problems in the past?

    4. Wehaveobscuredtheissuebyrefusingtoseethatlim·irlessnessisagodlytrair

      Why do we think of limitless as a godly trait? Mankind continues to do the unthinkable as we progress. We have done things we once thought were never achievable.