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  1. Oct 2016
    1. This exercise is equivalent to a thousand crunches

      All women want to look flat and marked abdomen. We know that to achieve this we must do crunches and how many do not like the idea, we put aside this option.

      For this not to happen to you and you achieve the figure you so desire, take note of this exercise is better than the abdominals : the iron.

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      A study from Mayo Clinic shows that the effectiveness of this exercise is to stay a few seconds putting pressure on the muscles of the abdomen and this at a time and making constant frequency may amount to do a thousand crunches.

      Dare to do

      Place your hands firmly on the ground, keep your shoulders and neck straight, concentrated pressure on the muscles of your abdomen. Read more info about Fat Diminisher

      Try to keep your buttocks straight and breathe quietly, that will help you stay longer in this position.

      For this exercise effectively work your abdominal area must keep your body in this position as long as possible.