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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Detroit also had the highest percentage of residents getting fewer than seven hours of sleep each night.

      do you think there is a connection between light pollution and sleep?

    2. inadequate

      lacking the quality or quantity required

    3. petition

      a formal written request made to an authority or organized body

    4. The light, the study found, can impact birds and insects that fly at night.
    5. additional light beyond normal daylight hours does more than prevent us from seeing our starry skies


    6. Yet, last year, the Savvy Sleeper — an online group that writes about and promotes sleep products — concluded that Detroit's lousy light pollution ranking was keeping the city's residents up at night, literally.

      I cant sleep with lights of the T.V. on at home. I sleep better in darkness

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      concept of light pollution

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