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  1. Jan 2018
    1. That we all go or went through “phases” when in reality depression is not phase, suicidal thoughts and or actions is not a phase. Meanwhile it was causing me to push further away from them because I was scared to tell the how I felt, like they were going to say that it was my fault” (Sanchez).  When interviewing this teenager  I realized that children and teens are experiencing these feelings of guilt and remorse and are to scared to open up to someone that they trust feeling that they are going to get blamed even more than they are already blame themselves. Sanchez chose to use the word phase because when most teens speak to a parent about their feelings of depression it’s usually always just a phase and that is not the parents fault. It’s the way that the stigma has built up after generations and generations of ignoring mental illnesses and how they are just seen as a phase and like they are not meant to be taken seriously.

      i feel this is also important because ive had people in my life tell me i was just going through a phase, ive had falling outs with people because they felt i needed to just get over it and move on but its not something you can just get up one day and say yea im over my depression. depression doesnt go away, its always there you just learn how to deal with it more effectively and thats what some people need to realize, depression is not a phase

    2. This is very important because when they are struggling with depression and feel as if they have no one to speak to they can always look up websites and physicians to help them. For example in reading, the message that stood out to me is- “Depression can be caused by big transitions in life, stress, or changes in your body’s chemicals that affect your thoughts and moods. Depression can run in families. Maybe you haven’t realized that you have depression and have been blaming yourself for being negative. Remember that depression is not your fault!”(NIMH). This explains that depression is and needs to be taken very seriously.

      this is important to me because i suffer from depression and anxiety and for a while i didnt know where it was coming from, i had always felt like there was something wrong with me, then recently i learned depression could be hereditary and my mother also has depression so it was good to learn that it wasnt anything i did because i always blamed myself

  2. Dec 2017
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    1. I am thankful for having a good family member who took take the time to teach me.

      my brother is the family member who took time to push me and teach me to do better

    2. I have lived in Manhattan and the Bronx.

      ive also lived in manhattan and the bronx but i dont rememberf living in manhattan since i was young

    3. I love my family and no one is more important

      john and i have this in common , i have a really good relationship with my family members and my family means the world to me

    4. In school I’m good at listening , paying attention and getting my work done.

      we have this in common as well, i like doing well academically

    5. I’m a very funny and goofy gir

      so am i , me and diana have a lot in common , and she is a very goofy girl and i love her energy

    6. I love to sing, dance, and party.

      i love to do all these things as well, they are my favorite things to do so we can relate

    7. Sometimes I like to sing and many people said I’m really good and should invest time into a career. I’ve been singing since I was 4 and don’t plan on stopping.

      i can also relate to this because i use to sing when i was younger too, i use to sing at church and at school but once dance came into the picture i had a hard time balancing the 2, i hope samson gets to continue

    8. But anyways my favorite subject has to be English because I love to write, and express myself through writing. When you write you have a special technique that allows you to explain yourself.

      i can relate to this because i also like writing, im a really good writer and i feel like we can connect on that level

    9. boy who loves music and expressing myself through my outfits.

      this catches my attention because i also love music and as a dancer music is very important to me, i also like the way samson dresses he has a great sense of style