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  1. Dec 2020
    1. etainee abuse scandal


    2. Muslim prisoners


    3. id not reflect the values of most troops or the American people

      events are the result of misconduct of individual soldiers ≠ a structural problem

    4. defies basic standards of human decency and the accepted conventions of war

      norms that are breached = human decency and accepted conventions of war

      accepted conventions of war = violation of international humanitarian law - why not named as such?

    5. how naked prisoners being subjected to sexual humiliation by American women

      event = sexual humiliation - why is it important that it is done by women? Why is not a stronger word than humiliation used?

    6. helped run the prison

      running the prison? Why and for what is disciplinary action taken?

    7. helping orchestrate the Abu Ghraib abuse

      event - orchestrate abuse = euphemism?

    8. mistreatment and photographing of Iraqi prisoners

      event = mistreatment and photographing

      soft language no word of abuse or torture, quite abstract

    9. Pfc. LynndieR. England's


    10. nited States is doing what every dictatorship and banana republic does when its abuses are discovered: covering up and shifting blame downwards. Indeed, if there is no real accountability for these crimes,

      moral? "We" are not better then dictatorships "We" are not holding those responsible accountable

    11. appointment of a special prosecutor unbeholden to the administration.

      recommended action

    12. ut the investigators lacked the mandate -or the independence -to draw the obvious conclusions regarding the political or legal responsibility of Rumsfeld or others who approved illegal tactics

      missing political consequences = recommended action?

    13. No soldier higher than the rank of sergeant has been charged with a crime. No civilian leader at the Pentagon or the CIA is even being investigated.

      Missing political consequences

    14. "cover-up"


    15. investigations of deaths in custody languished

      event = highlighting structural misconduct

    16. Rumsfeld or any other senior leader


    17. CIA has been authorized to hold detainees incommunicado in "secret locations" where they have reportedly been subject to even worse methods such as feigned drowning.

      events = showing CIA involvement

    18. , hid detainees from the International Committee of the Red Cross and put into play illegal interrogation methods

      events = showing involvement of the administration

    19. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld


    20. Bush administration


    21. ecommended disciplinary action against several officers

      political consequences

    22. "competition" among army dog handlers at Abu Ghraib to "see who could make Iraqi detainees urinate themselves the fastest."

      events - details are given, highlighting the cruelty

    23. shackled into painful positions in freezing rooms.


    24. requently beaten, held naked and deprived of sleep for long periods.


    25. isolated incident at Abu Ghraib

      not an isolated incident - what does that say about who "we" are?

    26. atrocities committed

      events, strong language

    27. Specialist Charles Graner


    28. accused of humiliating prisoners

      events = humiliating prisoners ≠ abuse?

    29. not only fair but thorough

      Norm = we are fair

    30. Reed Brody

      American human rights lawyer

    31. behavior o

      Interesting choice of words for the events

    32. notorious center of torture and executions under Saddam Hussein

      Abu Ghraib = center of torture under Saddam Hussein, not under "us"?

    33. gratuitous propaganda victory at the worst possible moment,

      propaganda = information of a biased or misleading nature - what is misleading about the pictures? Are they misleading because they do not represent "our" norms?