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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Mon studio est un vrai petit coin de paradis, situé au fond du jardin.

      She describes the residence as a "little corner of paradise", which seems appealing to stay at.

    2. Alors n'hésitez pas, si vous avez des questions. Je suis disponible :)

      les propriétaires de cette résidence sont gentils et arrangeants. Ils sont disponibles si le client a des questions.

    3. Nous adorons faire de nouvelles rencontres et partager ce que nous connaissons de notre belle ville.

      C'est positif parce que elle utilise des mots comme "adorons", "belle", ect.

    4. calme.
    5. Vous trouverez une boucherie, une boulangerie, un kebab et une pizzeria ainsi qu'une aire de jeux à moins de 100m du logement.
    6. Le quartier est calme.
    7. Lave linge
    8. dans un jardin fleuri plein de charme.
    9. Vos enfants peuvent jouer en toute sécurité dans le jardin
  2. Nov 2020
    1. In the photos, I see lots of cats and cafe rooms. the images are from an upward perspective, showing all the cats and furniture. The perspective is from a customer at the cafe. The pictures convey a sense of calm, as well as a welcome environment for anyone who loves cats.

    2. matou

      this is another word for cat. The author used this wording to add variety and descriptiveness to the writing.

    3. félins.

      this is another word for "chat" or cat. The author used this word instead of cat so that the paragraph wouldn't get too repetitive.

    4. Les enfants sont sous la responsabilité de leurs parents et doivent être en permanence à leurs côtés.

      Children are allowed to visit the cat cafe, but it is the parent's responsibility to keep the child by their side at all times and make sure they are not disturbing the cats.

    5. Ne jamais réveiller ni caresser un chat qui dort.

      This rule translates to "never wake up or pet a sleeping cat". The cats live at the cafe, and it is their "home", so you can not bother them in their home when they are sleeping or don't want to be bothered. The cats have their own daily routine, and do not like to be disturbed.

    6. serveur
    7. unique
    8. associations
    9. Un restaurant… avec des chats dedans!
      1. The information I think I will find is information about a cat cafe/restaurant. This website seems like an information page posted by the cat cafe. I think the audience is people who like cats and enjoy coffee and food with cats. It seems that the cafe posted it, or maybe a blogger who visited the cafe.
      1. My first impression was that there was a pattern of cats throughout the page. There were lots of pictures of cats, as well as mentions of a cafe.
    1. Les chats ont été choisis en fonction de leur caractère : ils  aiment la présence d’autres chats et apprécient la présence humaine.

      The cats are chosen based on their character, they are adopted from a shelter and are good with humans and other cats.

  3. Oct 2020
    1. First Reading

      The images in the article represents "a family attending an end of the year party".

      Based on the titles and images, I think I will find images of traditional parents, single parents, and how children live in those environments. I think this is a parent/family website, with the audience primarily being parents.

    2. Ainsi, si 21 % de l’ensemble des enfants vivent dans des familles monoparentales, ce taux monte à 29 % pour les mineurs habitant dans les villes-centres des grands pôles urbains.

      This is interesting to me because it is talking about how 21% of children life with a single parent, and 29% of children in urban areas or large cities. This shows a class disparity between families in urban areas, and more expensive areas.

    3. The data in this article seems trustworthy because the sources from the statistics listed seem legitimate and realistic.

      The word "traditionelle" means traditional.

      The title and images of the second article state that "nearly 30% of children live in a single parent household". This is different from the first article because it has more statistics from l'insee.

    4. The information I am getting from the text is how children live in single parent households vs. "traditional" households.

    5. propriétaires
    6. traditionnelles
    7. famille
    8. économiques
    9. national de la statistique
    10. CARTE. Traditionnelle, monoparentale ou recomposée : dans quel type de famille vivent les enfants ?

      The words I recognize are "traditionelle", "monoparentale", "dans", "type de famille", and "vivent les enfants".

  4. Sep 2020
    1. j’ai droit à la bourse mensuelle sur critères sociaux du Crous

      here she is talking about how she recieves a monthly scholarship for school, even though it is much more affordable than american school. A scholarship for an american university is not completely common, so many of students enter lifelong debt, unlike our european counterparts.

    2. les travaux d’équipe compte pour plus de 50% voire 60-70% de la note finale.

      it's interesting how she is saying that group work counts more towards the final grade rather than exams. This is different compared to american schools, as many courses are exam based.

    3. professeurs sont très proches de nous

      the teachers were very close in Lolita's old school, different from her new one. her new school is more hands off when it comes to communicating with professors.

    4. passionnée de voyage

      this shows that she probably enjoys her new school in quebec because she likes to travel to new places.

    5. Qu’est-ce que Lolita étudie ?

      Lolita studies commerce, or business in Canada.

      Combien de langues est-ce que Lolita parle ?

      Lolita speaks mainly french, but sometimes spanish and english.

    6. durée


    7. différence


    8. bulletins
    9. grande

      grande (f) = grand/big (e)

    10. This website is probably a travel/information blog about university in canada and france, like other posts have stated.

      The audience is anyone in their 20's looking to read about someones' experience with higher education in canada.

      It was probably produced by Lolita or someone that works for laval university.