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  1. Mar 2019
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    1. formation resources of any industry, and these information resources are open to both organizations and individuals. However, in the face of massive information resources, how to retrieve useful information from them becomes a challenge for users. Although some search companies and tools can help, users’ needs are not yet fully met, which means that users need to let the Internet do more things that go beyond the capabili-ties of the World Wide Web. For example, it is impossible to design a travel route for your need by the World Wide Web. The main reason is that computers can not intelli-gently understand the information resources contained on the World Wide Web. To address this problem, Berners et al. proposes the concept of semantic web in which web can add semantic annotation, so that computers can understand and process the information efficiently on the World Wide Web (Berners-Lee et al. 2001). A common data model is needed to describe the content of the semantic web, and RDF pro-vides a model for describing metadata. Therefore, RDF be