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  1. Aug 2018
    1. Since November 1st you will get your mail from public authorities and institutions as Digital Post. This means you have to read it online. It is important that you know how to find and read your Digital Post.

      Digital Posts for Government Mails and Instructions

    2. NemID is a digital signature and an all in one login for public and private services on the Internet.

      NemID - Digital Single Sign On for Citizens

    3. Borger.dk is an Internet portal for the citizens of Denmark. Here you can find different self-services and get information on issues regarding the public authorities. 

      Borger.dk - Internet Portal for Citizens of Denmark

    1. The development of new solutions requires systematic and targeted experiments on the right scale - and here the city itself is the best frame. Therefore, our laboratories are created for development, testing and demonstration. This creates important knowledge about which solutions can be scaled to larger areas of the city and benefit all of Copenhagen. In addition, the city laboratories provide an important knowledge base for investments in new technology.
    1. City Data Exchange is a public-private partnership that explores the possibilities of data exchange. The project investigates the purchase, sale and sharing of a wide variety of data types between different types of users in the city - citizens, public institutions and private companies. The project is a collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region, CLEAN and Hitachi. The idea behind the cooperation is to create a data hub that supports innovation, and which improves the quality of life in the Copenhagen area. The project aims at establishing a marketplace for data owned by both public authorities and private companies. In this way, the project aims to enable large, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies, universities and the public sector to collaborate by consolidating several sources of information. So far, the project has conducted several experiments aimed at organizational and technical setup of a computer market. The technical part of this can be seen on the platform developed by Hitachi, citydataexchange.com .
    1. Open Data DK is a union consisting of a number of Danish municipalities and regions aimed at making public data open and accessible for citizens and businesses. The goal is to increase transparency in public administration and support data-driven growth. The Copenhagen portal for city data contains information about infrastructure, traffic, cultural events and much more. You can find the portal here .