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  1. Dec 2017
    1. 1. tuition. 2 diet. 3. lodging. 4. government: and 5. honorary excitements.

      I believe that these five things are basic outlines for what the University emphasizes for its students; however, i believe that the community of trust also belongs on this list. Trust has become one of the pillars at UVA for student life. We all trust one another as well as hold our peers accountable for their actions. I have never worried about leaving my computer and phone out in the open if i need to go get water when I am on grounds and this is one of the best aspects of UVA in my mind.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. The Commissioners for the University of Virginia having met, as by law required at the tavern in Rockfish gap on the blue ridge, on the 1st.

      The Democratic Writing Project aimed to imitate Danielle Allen's efforts in Our Declaration. The Project was overwhelming at first, for there were 500 our so students highlighting and analyzing the Rockfish Gap Report. With the updated system, I found it much easier to read through the text and make comments or annotations on it. However, the Democratic Writing Project should be implemented throughout all engagement courses. Only my discussion section talks about the Rockfish Gap Report, so it has been merely a trifle so far in my New College Curriculum.

  3. Oct 2017
    1. To expound the principles & structure of government, the laws which regulate the intercourse of nations, those formed municipally for our own government, and a sound spirit of legislation, which banishing all arbitrary & unnecessary restraint on individual action shall leave us free to do whatever does not violate the equal rights of another.

      This particular statement grabbed my attention because I fully agree with it. There is a Utilitarian aspect in this statement, for laws and government should result in overall increased happiness for all. By respecting the rights of others we are free to evaluate and study all that intrigues us.

  4. Sep 2017
    1. We should be far too from the discouraging persuasion, that man is fixed, by the law of his nature, at a given point: that his improvement is a chimæra, and the hope delusive of rendering ourselves wiser, happier or better than our forefathers were.

      This statement jumped out at me because of the recent events that transpired in Charlottesville involving the white supremacist rally. We must recognize that our country still needs to be improved. Hate and bigotry still exist, but we should not be discouraged. Instead, we should use our education in order to influence positive change whether on individual lives, or the country as a whole.