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  1. Apr 2016
    1. museum photos from 1899

    2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

      Here is a link to the Metropolitan Museum of Act website which explains to you all about this museum and what is has to offer.

    3. Here is an image of the museum in 1899.

    4. “is one of the most frequently reproduced images in American culture,”

      Here is an example of the landscape being reproduced.

    5. “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”

      Here are a few extra interesting facts about the day of Washington crossing the Delaware.

    6. “It’s like the boat that was built in the basement,”

      I feel that Carrie Rebora said this because she believes the boat looks way to small and unsuitable to be a boat for a man of that power and importance.

    1. Glimcher

      Here is some more information on Glimcher company.

    2. Eames shell chair

      Here are a few photos and information on the Eames shell chair that i though were interesting.

    3. “The survey findings show consumers seek an all-around shopping experience,”

      Shopping malls will continue to strive if they meet all consumers needs and wants.

    4. and they just grew bigger and bigger

      As i wrote in my other annotation, shopping malls played a great part in the growth of every community, socially, and architecturally.

    5. “The department stores and the shopping malls took the place of downtown, as the place where you went to socialize and get a glimpse of culture.”

      I agree with this and and this is what i love about the innovation of shopping malls, it gave communities a place to socialise and businesses owners to make money from that and grow their businesses in which helped grow communities bigger and bigger every year.

    6. Raymond Loewy

      Here is a website dedicated just to Raymond Loewy.

    7. From Retail Palace to Zombie Mall

      This quote represents that malls use to be palaces where everyone use to alway visit all the time, and now they are deserted like there was a "zombie" apocalypse.

    8. Those sights, smells, and tactile experience are things the Internet can’t replicate—yet.

      I agree completely, although internet shopping is easy and fast it's always great to go down to the shopping malls and actually try on clothes and walk around and embrace the mall environment, shopping malls won't be obsolete for a very long time, just less and less popular each year, unless maybe they bring a new and exciting factor to the shopping experience.

    9. Valley Fair Center in the small town of Appleton, Wisconsin

      This mall is also now know as a "dead mall" as seen in this link.

    10. “dead malls,” and you’ll find photo after photo of tiled walkways littered with debris, untended planters near the darkened rest areas for bored dads, and empty indoor storefronts—the discolored shadows of their missing lighted signs lingering like ghosts.

      Here is an interesting mega-mall i have found in china that is now deserted because of online shopping. The plans have even started taking back its land.