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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Of course, Rinpoche stressed that one does not need to go to such extremes to find peace: "We must stop searching for happiness in experiences outside ourselves. There are, in my opinion, four pillars: loving kindness, compassion, non-attachment and karma, that can be easily embraced by any one at any point in their lives, from anywhere." According to Rinpoche, loving kindness "is the key to generating happiness not just on a personal level, but for others as well." He stressed the importance of being kind to yourself first and how this leads to compassion to others. "You must love yourself and truly know, that no matter the circumstance, you are good enough. From there, you can spread that [compassion] to others."

      4 pillars -- Loving Kindness, compassion, non-attachment, and karma


    1. The Expanded Hierarchy of Needs In 1970, Maslow built upon his original hierarchy to include three additional needs at the top of his pyramid, for a total of eight: Cognitive needs. This centers on knowledge. People generally want to learn and know things about their world and their places in it.Aesthetic needs. This addresses the appreciation of beauty and form. People might fulfill this need through enjoying or creating music, art, literature, and other creative expressions.Transcendence needs. Maslow believed that humans are driven to look beyond the physical self in search of meaning. Helping others, practicing spirituality, and connecting with nature are a few ways we might meet this need.

      maslow 8 levels total. Cognitive, aesthetic, transcendence

    1. or too long I had structured my existence to receive bursts of pleasure from fornication, but I was becoming more lost and atomized as a result

      phrases/atomized This is a great use of word. He is a genius