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  1. May 2018
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    1. Team admins without account owner/admin rights can access, create, modify and delete integrations, escalations and schedules only if the configuration belongs to a team that this user is admin of. However, they cannot assign these configurations into another team and they cannot convert these configurations into global.

      Note that this means that you'd have to duplicate rules/integrations since the highest level of control is a single Team. Would be useful (not sure if this has the capability though) to be able to have a higher level of control over a specific subset of teams?

    1. Run the steps in the post section reg

      This may be pedantic but I think this wording can be a bit confusing, since doesn't it only run the steps inside the always (i.e. the condition block)? Otherwise it would run steps defined outside of this block as well.


      post {
        always {
         // only steps here would run
      // but this is still the post section so if steps here
      // were defined, it shouldn't run AFAIK