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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Student volunteer service under 5 CFR 308 and other Federal programs designed togive internship experience to students (e.g., fellowships and similar programs) may beevaluated, considered and credited when the experience is comparable to experiencegained in the Internship Program. Agencies may also waive up to one-half (320 hours)of the 640-hour minimum service requirement when an Intern completes 320 hours ofcareer-related work experience under an Internship Program appointment anddemonstrates high potential by outstanding academic achievement and exceptional jobperformance.

      Example of a government agency recognizing prior service.

    2. Demonstrate the importance of learning and development by providing time,support, and resources for employees and hiring managers to participate inlearning and development activities.

      Example of a government agency provide time, support, and resources to interns, fellows, and apprentices to participate in learning and development activities.

    1. Maryland also ditched degree requirements for many state jobs last summer, and some other states and cities are performing similar reevaluations. For example, Philadelphia and St. Paul, Minnesota, have set up apprenticeship programs for municipal jobs, while Denver has partnered with Hertz to offer training and summer job opportunities to youth to install public electric car chargers, says Michael Bartlett, program manager at the National League of Cities.

      What learner support services are offered with this?

    2. To promote the new policy, the Shapiro administration also launched a new website where applicants can search for jobs that don't require a four-year diploma.

      Important step in advising non-formal & informal pathways: identifying opportunities that are open to those w/out a 4-year degree.

  2. Feb 2022
    1. Qualified expenses are amounts paid for tuition, fees and other related expense for an eligible student that are required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. You must pay the expenses for an academic period* that starts during the tax year or the first three months of the next tax year.   Eligible expenses also include student activity fees you are required to pay to enroll or attend the school. For example, an activity fee that all students are required to pay to fund all on-campus student organizations and activities.

      Would micro-credentials offered by the university, but not required for enrollment, count as a qualified expense? This seems to suggest they would not count if they're not required.

    1. TranscriptableMicro-credentials will be compatible with traditional transcripts, where possible.

      Meaning they can be included in a Comprehensive Learning Record (i.e., extended transcript)?

  3. Dec 2020
    1. Open access to knowledge and education is widely recognised as an irreplaceable factor for social and human growth and an indispensable component to consolidate and enrich citizenship, capable of giving citizens the necessary competencies to face the challenges of the new millennium, together with an awareness of shared values and of belonging to diverse social and cultural spaces. The importance of education and educational cooperation in the development and strengthening of stable, inclusive, peaceful and democratic societies is universally acknowledged as paramount. We now need to add open recognition to this list.

      "The agency of learner-workers (OSN’s term) to curate and co-author their own learning and employment records, and contribute recognition to others, is a necessary ingredient of an open and equitable talent ecosystem."

      An open and equitable talent ecosystem itself contributes to "stable, inclusive, peaceful and democratic societies..."

    2. They create the conditions for individuals to be in control of their own recognition, to establish their identity and agency, whether formally (within institutions) or informally (across communities).

      The draft OR principle I'm associating with this statement is:

      "The agency of learner-workers (OSN’s term) to curate and co-author their own learning and employment records, and contribute recognition to others, is a necessary ingredient of an open and equitable talent ecosystem."

    3. we have the means and the opportunity to put an end to the disparities of the recognition landscape

      The draft OR principle I'm associating with this statement is:

      "Whereas traditional & formal recognition (usually in the form of static credentials) has historically favored the already privileged, recognition that originates from individuals and communities can empower both the recognized and the recognizers as well as expose new and [equitable/inclusive] paths to opportunity for all (including the historically marginalized)."

      Again, I'm just thinking out loud. Suggestions are welcome.

    4. Open Badges, the open standard for the recognition of learning achievements has proved the power of a simple, affordable, resilient and trustworthy technology to create an open recognition ecosystem working across countries, educational sectors, work, social environments and technologies

      I'm trying to abstract principles of open recognition and I highlighted this to associate it with a possible principle. I'm using Hypothes.is to publicly think aloud (scary).

      The draft principle is "Recognition technologies (e.g., open digital badges, verifiable credentials, comprehensive learner records, and CASE/CTDL metadata standards) offer feasible opportunities to make non-formal recognition, i.e., from the workplace and community, visible and reputable."

      I have no formal definition of recognition technologies yet, only examples of technologies that I think are aptly described by that term.

  4. Sep 2020
    1. perhaps even offer

      "IBM awards its three millionth digital badge (and disrupts the labor market in five big ways)"

      "No college degree required: Google expands certificate program for in-demand job skills. Google is expanding its skills certification program to help more people land tech jobs like Data Analyst, Project Manager, and UX designer."

      Project Management Institute Certification Digital Badge Program

      Microsoft open digital badges

      Adobe open digital badges

      Salesforce digital badges

      Earnst & Young Personalized career development with digital badges.

    2. use of title IV funds for these alternative credentials and instead of connecting learning to time spent on task and connected learning to evidence of mastery

      From WCET Frontiers: New Regulations #3: Direct Assessment and Competency-Based Education

    3. united around employment sectors and created an array of credentials that they will accept

      Open Skills Network: "New Network to Accelerate Skills-Based Education and Hiring"

    4. U.S. Department of Education brought together industry leaders and developed a process by which alternative credentials could be easily identified and standardized so that it was clear what holders of those credentials know and are able to do.

      Education Dive article: "White House working group outlines future of universal transcripts".

      "The Open Taxonomy Project aims to advance the technology infrastructure needed to build the education and employment marketplace of the future by creating a searchable, machine-readable skills library that draws from both public and private data assets."

      "The T3 Innovation Network is exploring the emerging technologies and standards in the talent marketplace to create more equitable and effective learning and career pathways."

      Credential Engine—"Making ALL Credentials Transparent & Revealing the Marketplace of Credentials"

      "Badgr and Emsi Partner to Enable Skill-Based Microcredentials"

  5. Mar 2020
    1. There are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Montana, but state officials said 25 people have been monitored for the illness, seven are still under surveillance and one was tested after showing possible symptoms. That test came back negative.

      Only one person in Montana has been tested for coronavirus! Is it any wonder there are zero confirmed cases?!

  6. Feb 2020
    1. For security reasons, moodle just does not allow you to use iframes everywhere. In general, iframe code is not allowed in Moodle activities to which all class members can contribute, including Assignment submissions, Wiki, Forum, Database, Glossary, and Blog activities. In these activities iframe-embedded video displays in the HTML editor, but will be stripped out when posts or submissions are saved.

      Too bad, the ability to embed video would be a great forum feature for students. I wonder if there's a way enable that functionality.