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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Abstract Many Web portals allow users to associate additional information with existing multimedia resources such as images, audio, and video. However, these portals are usually closed systems and user-generated annotations are almost always kept locked up and remain inaccessible to the Web of Data. We believe that an important step to take is the integration of multimedia annotations and the Linked Data principles. We present the current state of the Open Annotation Model, explain our design rationale, and describe how the model can represent user annotations on multimedia Web resources. Applying this model in Web portals and devices, which support user annotations, should allow clients to easily publish and consume, thus exchange annotations on multimedia Web resources via common Web standards.

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    1. If none of the eleven displayed CiTO property choices are appropriate, clicking the SHOW OTHER REASONS button will display the other 28 CiTO properties, as shown in the following figure, which can be selected in the same manner.

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