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  1. Nov 2016
  2. Oct 2016
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    1. They choked my cries with force and fright, And tied me on a palfrey white

      According to the OED, a palfrey is a horse for ordinary riding. The five warriors seized Geraldine and tied her to a white horse.

    2. How camest thou here

      Camest means come. Christabel asks "How come you are here?" to the lady.

    3. Mary mother, save me now! (Said Christabel) And who art thou

      Christabel calls out to the blessed virgin Mary to save her, and then asks "Who art thou?". Art thou means are you, so Christabel is asking who are you to the lady.

    4. And she in the midnight wood will pray For the weal of her lover that's far away.

      According to the Oxford English Dictionary, weal means welfare, well-being, happiness, and/or prosperity. Christabel would walk to the woods at midnight to pray for her lovers well-being and welfare while he is away.

    5. She stole along

      Christabel quietly walked at midnight to pray.

  4. Sep 2016
    1. Elfins

      According to the Oxford English Dictionary Elfins are elves.

    2. Where the breeze warbles

      According to the Oxford English Dictionary warbles means gentle and melodious singing. Coleridge is saying that the breeze is making a gentle and melodious sound.

    1. Æolian lute

      A stringed instrument played by the wind. Named after the Greek God of Wind.

    2. This night, so tranquil now, will not go hence4Unroused by winds

      Coleridge is saying that the night is so calm but will not last without some disturbance from the winds.

    1. The thick-wove foliage

      According to the Oxford English Dictionary a foliage are the leaves (of a plant or tree) collectively.