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  1. Sep 2017
    1. how people in power see you

      This is so true. I believe there is a lot to say here that you could expand on.

    1. To defend yourself with facts and not just non-sense. To show how much you know and your intelligence, so people won’t underestimate you. To know from right and wrong.  To not be scared towards other people’s ideas.

      This is one long run on sentence. I think you could condense this either using semicolons or commas.

    2. To defend yourself with facts and not just non-sense

      reference to the idea fake new and yellow journally

    3. We are the FUTURE.

      I agree, we are the future. That is why listening and investing in young people is so advantageous.

    4. just

      would* instead of just. But, I understand your frustrations that you have explained so far.

    1. The difference between a patriot and a nationalists should be addressed. The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of their country for what it does , and the nationalist is proud of their country no matter what it does ; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility while the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to a war .

    2. White Nationalists demonstrators refused to give their last names when tried to be interviewed at the rally. They said that they wanted to maintain anonymity in case they wanted to run for office in the future. However, most nationalists did not cover their faces or try to conceal their identities.

    3. Name of the rally: Unite the Right.

      The university of Virginia was in interim during the protest. White nationalists marched with torches throughout University of Virginia the night before chanting homophobic, antisemitic, and racial slurs. The President of the university advised students to refrain from attending the rally, stating that their safety comes first.

    1. homophobic

      Audre Lorde's essay, There is no Hierarchy of Oppressions, explains how any attack on Black lives also serves to be an attack on other marginalized identities through the concept of intersectionality.


    2. the Detroit Right Wings

      The Red Wings' logo was unlawfully taken, reproduced, and disfigured to fit the far right groups intentions. The Detroit Red Wings were not involved in this protest.