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  1. Oct 2021
    1. According to blockchain data aggregator DappRadar, OpenSea has facilitated more than $600 million in trades since last Monday. SuperRare, the next comparable marketplace on the list, had $6 million in trading volume during the same span.

      I wonder if we're using DappRadar already - also WOW what a disparity between the top two.

    2. OpenSea is also a little more lawless than either Foundation and SuperRare, both of which are trying to cultivate a reputation for dealing in digital artworks.

      Niche curation over mass content adoption may be the strategy for "luxury" or "high-profile" NFTs. There is always space in markets for highly curated content/experiences at a premium

    3. Open markets tend to centralize in tech. It’s true of Web 2, where Amazon and Microsoft have come to dominate, and it’s true in the NFT market, at least so far.

      Some of Web2's bad but necessary habits already seeping into Web3

    4. OpenSea’s incumbency is that it’s more like a listings aggregator than a gallery

      Makes me think of so many of the successful aggregators out there - Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, even Discord is an aggregate of different autonomous communities.

    5. he market is already highly centralized.

      I find the narrative around success of NFTs/DAOs as being decentralized solutions, when in reality, I believe most people think of centralization as the key to long-term success and getting to the next level of adoption.