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  1. Jan 2018
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    1. I do a lot out of school , I’m a very active person.

      i'm a very active person and do alot outside of school too

    2. I’m good at hands on projects, group projects

      im also good with my hands , and group projects

    3. As much as I like school , there’s not really much to do at pulse but do your work and get out of high school

      there really i'snt nothing to do at pulse to be honest i feel the same way

    4. I enjoy my own company but once in awhile i do like spending time with my friends.

      so do i , i want time to myself at times but then i want my friends too

    5. most dedicated, learned the fastest, helped her teach her classes, and over all was her best dancer.

      i also love to dance , dancing is something im really good at , i was also in a dance class in my old school too

    6. A huge turning point in my life was at the age of 18 when I had to watch all of my friends graduate and move on

      yes yes , i can really relate to this i felt the exact same way when i stood behind and all of my friends graduated

    7. I like to sing and many people said I’m really good and should invest time into a career.

      i loveee too singggg !! singing is one of my favorite hobbies i can relate to this

    8. I love to write, and express myself through writing. When you write you have a special technique that allows you to explain yourself.

      i can relate to this because , i also love writing it helps me express myself alot

    9. I was born October 26, 1998, and my favorite color is blue

      you was born 5 days after me & my favorite color is also blue =]

  3. Dec 2017
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    1. being with my friends, just having fun and living life.

      i agree with this