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  1. Apr 2016
    1. She calls her medium "Art Blended Research," and it draws on the idea that there's more to see than meets the eye.

      Shows the importance of meaning and planning out of artwork at any scale. Sometimes the most abstract things might seem like "easy" or meaningless when they are the opposite.

    2. "explore ideas about identity, social roles and power relations.

      These are ideas a high school student can explore and identify with.

    1. , one that’s at a crossroads, would project itself onto the building.

      Maybe these people don't want change because not always is change good. This makes me think of all the gentrification videos surfacing the web. The new developments are good for the city $$$ but do not bring much benefit for the people that live there, instead they are pushed out.

    2. Can artwork serve as a catalyst for city development?

      What kind of development???

    1. 30 languages spoken in the neighborhood

      That's a lot of languages! I wonder what languages they are.

    2. Austin neighborhood

      Local to students.

    3. English, Croatian, Spanish and Vietnamese, with plans for more in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and even Dzongkha — the official language of Bhutan (“to greet Bhutanese immigrants who live in an apartment across the street,” Thurston said.)

      Here is a partial answer to my question from before!

    4. Painted fences unite community in Austin neighborhood

      Before video: Who participates?

      After video: The whole community participates as well as local artists. 0:40 mark, they mention how they left the space white and blank knowing that it would get tagged with graffiti. They were right and worked with the tagging because those taggers belong to the community. Getting to know neighbors after years. Started with one mural. "International District"