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  1. Aug 2017
    1. GS Ngô Bảo Châu nói rằng, với cá nhân ông đó chính là cách tiếp cận vấn đề một cách tích cực. Khi đã có đích đến thì phải nhẫn nại đi đến đích với tính kỹ luật cao
    2. Phải thường xuyên tự đổi mới mình
    3. Để truyền lửa cho người khác, mình cần nói đúng suy nghĩ, tâm can của mình, sự thành thật của mình. Chỉ có sự thành thật của mình mới chinh phục được trái tim và khối óc của người khác

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  2. Jul 2017
    1. WebPack developers need not call compileComponents because it inlines templates and css as part of the automated build process that precedes running the test.
    2. You should write isolated unit tests for pipes and services.

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    1. In this configuration nginx tests only the request’s header field “Host” to determine which server the request should be routed to. If its value does not match any server name, or the request does not contain this header field at all, then nginx will route the request to the default server for this port. In the configuration above, the default server is the first one — which is nginx’s standard default behaviour. It can also be set explicitly which server should be default, with the default_server parameter in the listen directive:
    1. First, Nginx looks at the IP address and the port of the request. It matches this against the listen directive of each server to build a list of the server blocks that can possibly resolve the request.
    2. The main server block directives that Nginx is concerned with during this process are the listen directive, and the server_name directive.
    1. As we're now recognizing, often the best way to find out if a software idea is useful is to build a simplistic version of it and see how well it works out

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    2. You cannot assume that you can take an arbitrary system and break it into microservices. Most systems acquire too many dependencies between their modules, and thus can't be sensibly broken apart. I've heard of plenty of cases where an attempt to decompose a monolith has quickly ended up in a mess. I've also heard of a few cases where a gradual route to microservices has been successful - but these cases required a relatively good modular design to start with.

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  3. Jun 2017
    1. Making a non-exclusive low level backup

      low level api backup

    2. Making an exclusive low level backup

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    3. However, you should consider keeping several backup sets to be absolutely certain that you can recover your data.

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