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  1. Feb 2016
  2. Jan 2016
    1. Connection: Have you visited any of these before? -Natural cultural district -Artist spaces -Neighborhood districts -Downtown districts

    2. "Additionally, there is no one right way for stakeholders to engage with the arts. Occasionally conflict arises between arts a nd community interests, not because they both do not believe in building better worlds, but because they have different ideas of how to achieve that goal."

      Think back at Chang's piece Before I die... could you see any possible conflicts that arose from the piece?

    3. Visualize: How do you visualize arts, culture and creativity? Is there a difference when you visualize these terms?

    4. Interpret: What do you think about these words? Do they have different meanings to you or do they have similar meanings? Do you think it is important to distinguish these differences if any?

    5. Summarize: What makes a community a community?

    6. Predict: After you watch the video skim through the article. Look for clues that will allow you to predict what the article is about. Look at pictures, graphics, headings etc.

    7. Predict: What do you predict this "ecosystem" consists of?

    8. Before: Watch the following TED talk by artist Candy Chang.

      Have you seen pieces like Chang's before? What made them appealing to you? What caught your attention? What inspired Chang to create her piece? Do you think she predicted the impact her piece would have in her community and more? What lasting impacts do you see happening in her community?