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  1. Jan 2019
    1. Requires reading ab

      Maybe combine this with the topics for the discussion leaders the week before so that everyone is on the same page about silent films.

    2. source document analyses

      I think this feels more plausible given that it's an in class assignment.

    1. What percentage

      20% project, 20% presentation, 10% miscellaneous for whatever else we come up with ??

    2. broad topics?

      I like the idea of sticking to broader topics, but also feel that if there's a particular topic that stands out to the class that we could choose to spend more time on it. It also lends itself to providing more options for the projects as well.

    3. Which topics are you particularly interested in studying this semester?

      Coffee house culture, the postal service, mass media, wartime communication and it's ties to the digital world, as well as females in coding.

    4. So, what types of assignments/projects would you be interested in working on/doing? 

      I really liked the project that live tweeted historical events, this is definitely something that could be interesting and extremely relevant to do.

    5. Infographics and the Rise of Visual Literacy

      We communicate so many concepts and ideas through visuals, it might be worthwhile to break down how it all came to be/what it could look like moving forward.

    6. Role of war/military in creation and spread of information/computing technology (WWII, Cold War, ARPANet);

      This could pair nicely with the previous topics, especially propaganda!

    7. Postal Service,

      Definitely interested in this one

    8. coffee houses and print culture

      This could be a really interesting topic, especially since Fredericksburg is so rich in both history and coffee houses.

      I'm also a fan of the cave paintings, and newspaper topics. Even plagiarism and citations and how that's changed with the rise of the internet could be neat.

    9. Infographics

      This could be a fun combination with the other types of visuals listed later on in the list!

  2. Mar 2017