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  1. Jul 2016
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    1. Valerie Castile said she had taught Philando how to survive being stopped by the police: “That was something we always discussed: comply … Whatever they ask you to do, do it. Don’t say nothing. Just do whatever they want you to do. So, what’s the difference in complying, and you get killed anyway?”

      I have two brown grandchildren...and honestly, until these boys were born, I was clueless. I live with sadness every day knowing that their experience as young men of color in this country will be markedly different than their father's. The messages we must teach them about survival and risk are tragic--but required to ensure their safety. To be honest, I am still navigating these waters which are foreign to me. I no longer view law enforcement as a force for right as all too often I see them as a force of might with little morality.

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      This is my favorite Daily Create so far #1636! I loved it so much that I wrote about it on my blog!

  2. Jun 2016
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      And yes, I had to cheat a bit on this one. It turns out I really am not as much like a gorilla as I thought I would be. TDC1599

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      A serious drawback to the tool I used is the lack of an embed code! In any case, my video daily create #1225 is here: plotagon.com/378930