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  1. Sep 2019
    1. "This is where a real world example comes in handy. I.E. Sales Tax = .065 vs typing in the sales tax every time in a formula. What happens when the tax changes - you have to make sure you get every single time you put in sales tax. You said not to do it - you didn't really say why."

    1. "The question could have been worded better. I.E Which of these statements give the same result. Indicate that there are multiple answers. My kids will miss this.

    1. "I like this - because it showing the order in which python reads it" I don't like this because it's way more complex than anything that you have done to date. I would start with a simpler version of this so they understand how the code is viewed - vs how PEMDAS works. As is - it teaches me to avoid this type of problem.

    1. " The video is blurry - it's good content - but on a 14 inch screen it's hard to read. Most of my kids are using 13 inch chromebooks to start

  2. Aug 2019
  3. Jul 2019
    1. If a parent can only have one child then Items for sale can not also extend movies. It would make more sense for Items for sale to extend store.

    1. Question 9-1-4 - agreed on the answer - but this is not mentioned at all. It is a really important concept - it needs to be covered in the test to. These questions should clarify material that is covered in the text. This was not covered.

    2. 9-1-1 needs to be clarified more. You haven't prepped for this question. To do so adequately you would need to show a UML diagram with and without inheritance and specify that type of relationship. It would be a good thing to do. This question doesn't clarify - and without prep it is not useful - it is confusing.

    3. Specify all terms

      • Parent/Child
      • Super/Sub They vary the way the ask for it on the test.
  4. Jun 2019
    1. I couldn't see where you got the value of compare in the code - noticed that it was in the directions after. A bit of a disconnect.

    1. Array elements are initialized to 0 if they are a numeric type (int or double), false if they are of type boolean, or null if they are an object type like String.

      Array elements are initialized to 0 if they are a numeric type (int or double), false if they are of type boolean, or null if they are an object type like String. Unclear what the default is for boolean. Please reword.

    2. highScores.length

      you have not yet described any of the functions. you really should before you introduce them. Or at least give a comment. Put a link to where they can check these out. Especially critical when you get to 2d arrays..

    1. null

      Is null explained or defined anywhere up to this point. It is an important concept in C - is it as important in JAVA?

    1. Is it just me - the first time I saw a rule was in the video. You swap letters if a is followed by a non a. Why isn't this stated somewhere earlier?

    1. Why does a divide by zero condition in the signature not produce a divide by zero error with the compiler?

  5. May 2019
    1. import java.util.Scanner;


      • A simple class to run the Magpie class.
      • @author Laurie White
      • @version 6 March 2012 */ public class MagpieRunner2 {


        • Create a Magpie, give it user input, and print its replies. */ public static void main(String[] args) { Magpie2 maggie = new Magpie2();

          System.out.println (maggie.getGreeting()); Scanner in = new Scanner (System.in); String statement = in.nextLine();

          while (!statement.equals("Bye")) {

           System.out.println (maggie.getResponse(statement));
           statement = in.nextLine();

          } }


    1. Is the reading assignment in the lesson plan?' i clicked on the link- but it just brought me to 2.7

    1. )

      It would really help to have the list of methods for the turtles here. Not exactly sure what the parameters are for getDistance

      It would help to know the i/o for the function. It would also help to know the syntax for calling a method from an instance of a class. It would also help to know the syntax for comparing two instances. this was a bit of a leap without a lot of support..