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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Bonjour Lolita, peux-tu te présenter ?

      The section headings are all posed as questions from the interview with Lolita.

  2. Feb 2021
    1. Cette francophonie mondiale recouvre des réalités fort différentes et les dynamiques qui la traversent méritent un examen attentif. En effet, les usages

      French is used in many different cultures all over the globe

    2. galaxie francophone

      I think the author is trying to refer to the French speaking world, calling it the "Francophone Galaxy". He says that in this "galaxie", there are 235 million people.

    3. 106 pays

      French is spoken in 106 countries.

    4. Combien de francophones dans le monde ?

      I think this text will be informative about the French speaking countries in the world. I think this text will tell how many there are and where they are.

    5. relations


    6. galaxie

      I think that the author is trying to refer to the French speaking world. He is stating that in this world, there are 235 million people

    7. linguistiques

      This graph is showing that the French language will surpass the other 5 official languages by 2025 in terms of how commonly the language is spoken throughout the world.

    8. French is used in different contexts throughout francophone regions. These include in social settings, in school, officially, and professionally

    9. millions

      I honestly thought this number would be higher considering the amount of countries and continents where French is spoken

    10. continents

      French is spoken in 5 continents

    11. territoires


    12. populations


    13. déterminants


    14. en

      Most of the francophone countries are in Africa and Northern and Western Europe.

    15. territoires

      As of 2018, there are about 106 countries and territories and 300 million people that can speak French